August 11, 2020

Chencho Ynez and Emily Sabo champions of the II Half Marathon des Sables Per – La Provincia

Chencho Yánez and Emily Sabo play the glory in Peru after proclaiming male and female champions respectively of the II Half Marathon des Sables Peru. The Canarian runner made his victory in the second stage good and knew how to keep the guy with a second place (1:33:10) in the last stage. 22 kilometers separated him from achieving his first international victory and the valsequillero took out his best weapons to complete the feat. The winner of the stage was palmer Juanjo Rodríguez (1:32:33) and third place went to Emerson Trujillo (1:33:26). In this third stage the victory in the women's category went to Mélanie ROUSSET (01:58:53), followed by Emily Sabo (01:58:53) and Yolanda Fernández (02:11:10). It is also worth mentioning the sixth place in this last stage of the Arista Pro Team rider, Raul Latorre (1:39:43).

With these results, the men's general classification gives Chencho Yánez the winner, a silver medal for the local runner Emerson Trujillo and the third step for Dário Moitoso. Chema Martínez was in fourth position just two minutes from the Portuguese corridor. In the girls Emily Sabo left no doubts at any stage and is proclaimed champion, the second position is for Mélanie Rousset and third place for Lucy Mejía Campó. Yolanda Martínez was the positive note for the Spaniards to achieve a fourth place in the general.

Gold for Spain in the desert race

The performance of the Spanish runners has been outstanding, especially for the WAA Arista Pro Team and also for the Adidas athlete, Chema Martínez, who manages to place fourth overall. Those of Arista are placed in the top ten of the general, with the victory of Chencho Yánez, eighth Juanjo Rodríguez and Raúl Latorre ninth. In the female category, it is worth mentioning the fourth place of Yolanda Martínez. If in the Half Marathon des Sables Fuerteventura the dominance of Remigio Huamán, Peruvian corridor, is absolute, in Peru it is the Spaniards who lately take the top positions. In the last edition of the Peruvian race, the victory was taken by another Canary, Yeray Durán.

Jorge Cremades and Bowtieblue on a desert adventure

The half marathon des Sables is more than a race, it is an adventure in the desert and Jorge Cremades and Fran Guzmán (Bowtieblue), two influential creators of the current Spanish scene, who have achieved the status of finishers of the second edition have lived it Half Marathon des Sables Peru at the end of the 3 stages. They themselves through their social networks have been broadcasting their adventure and the difficulties they have been through. Both have run other trail races such as the Transgrancanaria and in the case of Fran Guzmán, he also participated in the Half Marathon des Sables Fuerteventura. The trail running reaches from small to older and continues to engage all the ghosts of society.

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