November 25, 2020

Chelo García Cortés puts his head in an urn full of cockroaches for 1,000 euros

Chelo García Cortés with her head in the ballot box.

Chelo García Cortés with her head in the ballot box.

It seemed that we had already seen everything on the set of ‘Save me’, nope. Chelo García Cortés has done everything for money this week, he has burned a photograph of his close friend Isabel Pantoja, he has plastered his arms, he has spoken about his private life … but today has surpassed all the limits that have been and to be in the program. Has occurred the most unpleasant moment for the journalist and he has done it all for money.

Jorge Javier Vazquez has proposed stick your head in an urn full of cockroaches while singing the song of ‘La Cucaracha’ for 1000 euros and Chelo García Cortés has not hesitated for a single second, the answer has been ‘Yes’. All the collaborators shouted to the sky when they saw that the journalist would stick her head in that urn full of cockroaches … and the truth is that it has been as amazing as possible.

With his face completely contorted, Chelo García Cortés approached the ballot box and put his head slowly while singing the song that the program had imposed on him. An image of the most unpleasant that we have seen for the first time on the set of ‘Save me’ and that has left us with the creeps.


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