Chelo Cabrera, from a popular Tamaraceite family dies - La Provincia

The Cabrera de Tamaraceite family has seen these days as one of its pillars left us unexpectedly, without warning, without saying goodbye. Chelo Cabrera left as he lived, going unnoticed, without disturbing.

A woman who lived for and for others, always happy, always smiling despite adversity, so that everyone was happy and taken care of. "If the grain of wheat does not fall on the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit" In this fragment of the Gospel of John 12 I see the faithful reflection of Chelo's life. A woman who did not look at life with the glasses of this selfish society and who thinks only of consuming and enjoying the moment. We could say that Chelo Cabrera almost did not enjoy it, always working and praying, because his daily mass was his medicine.

He was a faithful example of that grain of wheat that lived and died every day for his family, always thinking of others, that everyone was served, that nobody was missing anything. A woman who suffered very young the loss of her husband and had to assume the role of head of the family to get their daughters Pepa, Consuelo and Patri forward, with effort, with determination, not only in education, but also with all that entails raising daughters alone.

It is true that the Cabrera were always surrounded by their sisters as they are well known in Tamaraceite. Susi, with whom he lived and was his support for many years and was a soul of God, as by Mari Carmen, Esther, Candita, Helia, Olga and Bori. The Cabrera for Tamaraceite are the faithful example of a united family. Together at Mass, together at birthdays, together at social events in the town. Always together. The faith that their mother instilled in them calmed them all to the core and the words Service, Unity and family are engraved on fire.

He who loves his life loses it, continues to say the Gospel of John. Chelo was a woman sacrificed for others, with her flaws like everyone else, but I think she will be proud of the life she lived and how she lived it, because she was so happy. "If anyone serves me, follow me, and where I am, there will also be my server." Surely she will be enjoying eternal happiness, that happiness in which she believed so much and is the legacy that leaves us to all who had the opportunity to meet her.

At dusk of life we ​​will be examined of love. And you passed this exam with Chelo! Good trip!


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