Chef José Andrés breaks down crying from the border with Ukraine: "Life is not a game of Monopoly"

Chef José Andrés breaks down crying from the border with Ukraine: "Life is not a game of Monopoly"

The Chef Jose Andres has asked this Tuesday Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskywhich allows your organizationWorld Central Kitchen (WCK), and others like it, enter and exit through its border to be able to care for and feed the thousands of refugees waiting to cross.

President, if you give NGOs like WCK, the World Food Program (WFP) and Samaritans Purse permission to come and go near the border, we will be able to feed the thousands of men and women waiting to be safe. You have more important things to do, but this is important, sir..." he says in a message posted on Twitter in which he tags the Ukrainian leader.

Since last week, the Asturian chef's NGO has been in the border between Ukraine and Poland to feed the people who are leaving the country attacked by the Russian Government of Vladimir Putin.

In another message posted earlier today, José Andrés has warned, between tears, that "life is not a game of Monopoly"in a video recorded by himself after a day of work.

The cook, visibly moved, remarks that he is going to the "comfort" of his hotel, in a border town, but that at that very moment, with freezing cold, there are people "especially women and children walking for hours" to leave Ukraine.

He points out that the different countries to which these people are going and those who are receiving them are "welcoming" them and offering them what they need, blankets, shelter... but "it is hard to know that there are people spending the night without a place where to take refuge.

The cook, who asks that there be "no more Putins in the world", recounts how he met a young man who had traveled from USA, where he also has his restaurant, to enter the Ukraine, on his way to Kiev, and fight.

"Why do we put men and women in this situation? Don't we learn from the mistakes of the past?" asks José Andrés, who laments that "the poor always pay the consequences" and that "anyone who says that Putin is a good leader should be ashamed."

In 2010, the Asturian chef founded the NGO WCK with his wife with the aim of "using food to empower communities and strengthen economies", and has been awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for his humanitarian work. Concord in 2021; During the coronavirus pandemic, he distributed more than three million meals in Spain and more than 30 million in the United States.

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