June 13, 2021

Chef Jos Andrs, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize – The Province

Chef Jos Andrs, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize - The Province

The Asturian chef Jose Andres has been nominated for the award Peace Nobel for his humanitarian work in Haiti and Puerto Rico through the "World Central Kitchen" project, which offers food to those affected by natural catastrophes.

The candidacy of the Mieres has been proposed by the congressman and candidate for the presidency of the United States in 2020, John Delaney"Because of Mr. Andrés' work, millions of people have been fed, this is the most basic human need and Mr. Andrés has proven to be world class in this essential humanitarian field." With an incredible spirit and an innovative mind, the Mr. Andrés is solving one of the ancient problems of the world and it is providing world leaders with a new roadmap to provide more effective disaster relief in the future. "With these words, the congressman ponders the work of the chef in the newspaper" The Washington Post ".

José Andrés founded the project in 2010 "World Central Kitchen" to feed those affected by the earthquake that struck Haiti eight years ago. Later, the efforts of this project, which has private donations and government funds, focused on helping those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
One of the 100 most influential

The chef has been chosen as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, according to the magazine "Time", which already included the chef mierense in 2012. In this last occasion he was included in the category of "titans" and qualifies him as "a hero whose greatness transcends culinary excellence". His lively defense of human rights and his great humanitarian work in Haiti and Puerto Rico are some of the qualities highlighted in the publication.

The Asturian professional, who has several successful businesses in the United States and Mexico, is for the North American magazine "an exceptional, generous and compassionate human being".


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