April 20, 2021

Check the draw for the ONCE 2020 Father’s Day Extra Cupn – La Provincia

This Thursday the Father’s day and, as every year, the ONCE planned to celebrate its traditional Father’s Day Extra Giveaway. However, the alarm state by the coronavirus has forced the coupons to stop selling and the ONCE have to suspend the draw that will resume in a few days with all the coupons that had been purchased hatsat the date valid. If you have not been lucky in this raffle remember that in our raffle page you can consult both the Eleven and the rest of the State Lotteries and Gambling.

Extra Father’s Day from ONCE 2020

“Because you, daily, you are extraordinary “, that is the slogan with which this draw of the National Organization for the Blind in Spain is announced every day. From their website they report that every day the ONCE distributes illusions and” thousands of them have a prize “. Monday through Thursday, 55 prizes of € 35,000.

The draws of this traditional ONCE coupon are held from Monday to Thursday. In them 5 balls between 0 and 9 corresponding to the tens of thousands, units of thousands, hundreds, tens and units are extracted, which make up the awarded number.

The payment

But there is still more. Months ago, ONCE expanded its raffle. “Now, by playing your usual Daily Coupon (with the same price of € 1.50 and a 5-figure prize), you can play La Paga for just € 0.50 more per coupon. With La Paga, in addition to all five coupon numbers, you will also play the series. ” With La Paga you can earn up to € 3,000 a month for 25 years, they say.

The issue of the product will consist of five-digit numbers between 00000 and 99999, plus a serial number between 1 and 55

Coupon prizes

55 prizes of € 35,000 for the five figures.
55 prizes of € 500 for the complete number, prior to the awarded number.
55 prizes of € 500 for the complete number, after the awarded number.
495 prizes of € 200 to the last four figures.
4,950 prizes of € 20 to the last three figures.
49,500 prizes of € 6 for the last two figures.
495,000 prizes of € 1.50 to the last figure.
494,890 prizes of € 1.50 to the first figure.
Two or more prizes cannot be accumulated in the same coupon.

Pay Awards

Additional prize of € 3,000 per month for 25 years to the 5 figures of the Daily Coupon and series.
Additional prize of € 0.50 to the first number of the Daily Coupon.
Additional prize of € 0.50 to the last number of the Daily Coupon.


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