Check all the measures that develop the alarm status published in the BOE

The measures that develop the state of alarm announced on Sunday night by the Ministries of Health, Defense, Interior and Transport have been developed and published shortly before midnight in an extraordinary BOE through nine ministerial orders and an instruction.

In the ministerial order of Health, that makes private health facilities available to communities if necessary, includes the extension of the hiring of residents in the last year of training and the suspension of rotations so that they can serve in units that need a reinforcement of personnel.

In addition, retired medical professionals and nurses under the age of 70 "may be reinstated to active duty" and will be compatible with the retirement pension. It will be prioritized that these professionals provide their services in Primary Care centers, to reduce the care burden in this area, performing triage and home care functions, related to the
attention to COVID-19.

"The health authorities of the autonomous communities may sign fixed-term employment contracts for health care, intended for students of the medical and nursing degree in their final year of training," appears in the BOE.

The instruction of the Ministry of Defense published tonight before the health crisis of COVID-19 establishes that the military are "in permanent disposition" to act in the matter of military police, logistic transport, as well as in the control of air and maritime traffic and in ports and airports.

The instruction establishes that the capabilities of the Military Emergency Unit (UME), as well as of the Armed Forces and the Defense Ministry as a whole, are placed at the service of the competent authority in at least six areas. Specifically, the instruction mentions the military police; land logistics transport; general air transportation and medicalized air transportation capabilities; the control of air traffic, maritime navigation, ports and airports; logistical accommodation and the establishment of military camps, as well as the entire military health field.

It also establishes that both active and reserve personnel, including military health workers, who may be assigned to work within the military health network and the public system, may be employed in the work derived from the health crisis. of health. Said military health personnel, adds the instruction, "will be in a position to join their destination as soon as required" and is considered critical, so "it will reduce permits to the essential minimum."


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