Chavista deputies will insist on investigating links between opponents and criminals

The coordinator of the ruling party in the National Assembly, Francisco Torrealba, reported on Sunday that Chavismo will insist next Tuesday that the Legislature investigate the alleged relations of opposition deputies with the Colombian criminal group "Los Rastrojos".

In an interview with the state channel VTV, Torrealba said that in the parliamentary session on October 1, the Chavez deputies "we will insist" that the links be investigated, which according to the ruling party, exist between the opposition and the Colombian band, a motion that was denied last week by the opposition majority.

According to Torrealba, the leader of the Parliament, Juan Guaidó, considered president in charge of Venezuela by more than 50 nations, "should be separated from his investiture" to allow an "independent investigation" to be carried out on these supposed ties.

The separation of the position, according to Torrealba, would allow "the Venezuelan and Colombian prosecutors to determine exactly how that relationship he maintains" with the Colombian band.

Maduro's government accuses Guaidó and other legislators of having links with "Los Rastrojos", after the dissemination of some photos in which the opposition leader appears along with alleged members of that criminal group.

The photos, broadcast by the leader Diosdado Cabello in his television program, were taken on February 22 when Guaidó crossed the border with Colombia to try to pass humanitarian aid to his country, although he was unsuccessful.

"We are going to insist on the issue because now also the wife of a well-known opposition leader, who is from the same party as the deputy who was with the drug traffickers at the border, said in the United States itself that yes, that they meet with paramilitaries, "Torrealba said.

The official leader was referring to statements offered last Tuesday by Venezuelan activist Lilián Tintori, wife of the opposition Leopoldo López, in which he stated in a forum in the US. that irregular or paramilitary groups no longer "obstruct" the work in the humanitarian fields, including those of their NGO "Rescue Venezuela".

In a note released hours later, Tintori explained that he had difficulty expressing himself in English at some point and that he added some phrases in Spanish that were translated simultaneously, which led to "misunderstanding what he wanted to communicate" in the media.

In Torrelba's opinion, both Guaidó's photos and Tintori's statements are "very serious revelations" that Parliament "must investigate", although he warned that "opposition deputies who support" paramilitaries on the border "or" are scarce " they get together with drug dealers. "

Next Tuesday will be the second session attended by the official deputies after their return to Parliament, after two years without attending the plenary, a decision that the so-called Patriotic Pole took to consider that the House is "in contempt."

The return of Chavism to the Legislative is part of the "partial agreements" of the dialogue table that the government maintains with a group of minority opposition parties, which also includes the release of "political prisoners."

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