Charly García suffers hip trauma and cancels agenda for at least one month

The Argentine musician Charly García, 68, suffered a hip trauma that forced him to cancel the artistic commitments he had agreed to within a "minimum of one month," his communication agency said Thursday.

In an official statement, it is detailed that on Wednesday Carlos Alberto García - real name of the musician - suffered a trauma to the hip which had already been operated for a long time, which was due to a "domestic fall in which he suffered no other damage ".

"After being evaluated by medical specialists, he was told rest and suspension of all his activities. Once stabilized he will have to start kinesic rehabilitation work," the text adds.

For this new health setback, the rocker "unfortunately is not fit to participate in the artistic commitments that he had agreed from now until a minimum of one month."

García, who in 2017 published "Random", his hitherto last studio album as a soloist, was also part of two of the most prominent Argentine rock bands, Sui Géneris and Serú Girán.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1951 and winner of outstanding awards such as the Grammy for Musical Excellence in Las Vegas, the artist has been admitted several times in recent years due to his delicate state of health.

At the beginning of 2016 he had to have hip surgery, and at the end of that same year he spent several days admitted to a picture of high fever and dehydration.

In November 2013 he suffered a pre-infarction before offering a concert in Bogotá and in 2012 he vanished during a recital in the Argentine province of Córdoba.

Also, in 2011 he had to suspend a performance in Bolivia due to colic caused by gallbladder stones.

One of his last shows took place last December, when after several years he returned to appear at the Luna Park in Buenos Aires, one of the emblematic stadiums of his long artistic career.


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