Charles Aznavour dies at 94 | Culture

Charles Aznavour dies at 94 | Culture

Charles Aznavour, the last giant of the French song of the twentieth century, died at dawn on Monday at the age of 94 in the south of France, announced to AFP their spokesmen. The most famous French singer abroad sold more than 100 million discs throughout eight decades of an exceptional career to which he had not put an end. Su artistic career consists of more than 1,200 songs and almost 300 albums, but not satisfied and was still active and composing every day. In fact, tHe planned to take action on October 26 in Brussels.

Nicknamed Frank Sinatra of France, he achieved worldwide fame despite an unusual voice and physique. La Bohème, The Mamma Y Emmenez-moi They are among his most outstanding songs of a repertoire of marked nostalgic tone. He also composed for artists like Edith Piaf and as an actor, he participated in some 80 films.

Pure motor of kisses and tears, of joys and sorrows, responsible for The bohème, Il faut savoir or What c'est sad Venise He contradicted the natural order of things for years and remained in the breach until the end. In fact, shortly before his death he had returned from a tour of Japan He had just returned from a tour of Japan, having been forced to cancel several concerts this summer (boreal) due to a broken arm, caused by a fall.

It was part of their nature as declared in an interview in EL PAÍS. "Everything inspires me: television, radio, books ... As I have no imagination, I take what I see, there are people who have it and, nevertheless, they are not able to write a song". An artist, he believes, is equally inspired by the sorrows that joys. "Although it is true that there are not as many happy songs as sad," said the ambassador of the French song.

The singer grew rooted in the origins of his parents, Armenians, who had to flee the genocide. The story of his parents and that of so many millions of people is dedicated to the song with which he usually begins his recitals two decades ago, Les émigrants.


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