Charged a high position of Health of Madrid for the working conditions of a primary care doctor

A court has called for a high-ranking Madrid health official to be declared under investigation for the working conditions of a primary care physician. As has learned, the court has summoned to testify in March to Jesus Vazquez Castro, current General Director of Health Assistance of the Health Department of the Community of Madrid, after accepting for processing a complaint from a primary care doctor who attributes to him, among other crimes, one of injuries, another of workplace harassment and finally one against workers’ rights. For the moment, the court has refused to charge the rest of the defendants, also responsible for the health department of the government of Isabel Diaz Ayuso and directed by Enrique Ruiz Escudero.

The criminal offensive against the management of COVID founders in court

The criminal offensive against the management of COVID founders in court

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From the Community of Madrid, for the moment, they have refused to make assessments on this matter by ensuring that they do not even have data on the complaint.

The complaint, as this newspaper has learned, has been filed by a primary care doctor from the Community of Madrid represented by the Econoiuris office and denounces, over several hundred pages, the employment situation in which he works in Madrid’s health. The legal action of this doctor starts his complaint in 2018 and explains how the arrival of the coronavirus crisis has worsened his working conditions and has affected, among other things, his health: he has been sick for more than a year.

The Investigating Court 11 of the Plaza de Castilla decided to admit the complaint for processing on January 10 against this high-ranking official of the Ministry, appointed General Director of Health Assistance last September, after having been in charge of the Integrated Process of Health of the Madrid Service, but not against other defendants. Previously, and this is the position based on which he will have to answer, he was Deputy Manager of Primary Care Health Care between 2010 and 2020. According to the order, for the moment, it is only appropriate that he be called to testify: “The complaint is will admit, for the time being, against Jesús Vázquez, head of the defendants, who, given his position, could have had a preponderant participation in the events,” the order reads.

According to the court, once a statement has been taken from Vázquez in March, it will decide whether the rest of the defendants are also called to testify or if it is not worth it. “It seems reasonable, before directing the procedure indiscriminately against all the defendants, to inquire into the possibly illegal nature of such conditions, operations, and offer the maximum person in charge of them the possibility of providing data and explanations in this regard,” says the letter of the court.

The future of this legal action, therefore, depends on the content of this statement from next March with the plaintiff denouncing that the working conditions in primary care in Madrid have led to health problems since 2018, aggravated by the coronavirus crisis. and the burden it has placed on this health sector in the capital.

For the moment, as explained, few criminal actions related to the political or health management of the coronavirus have prospered in the courts of our country in the last two years. The Supreme Court it was blunt when explaining in December 2020 that high officials of the central executive or regional governments could not be charged for the simple fact of being in the highest position in the chain of command, and also explaining the difficulty of attributing specific crimes of injuries to these cases. Since then, various courts across the country have filed various complaints against nursing home managers for the death of the elderly during the worst of the COVID crisis in 2020.

Where the claims of health professionals have prospered has been in the social jurisdiction and in the contentious-administrative jurisdiction. Also at the end of 2020, for example, the third chamber of the Supreme Court pronounced a sentence in which he recognized that toilets throughout the country had been unprotected during the first wave due to lack of material. Next week the social room will study a ruling from the Superior Court of Madrid that also blamed the Community of Madrid for not having sufficiently protected the toilets during the worst moments of the first waves.


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