May 10, 2021

Chapo's lawyer says that the US I should use time and money better

Chapo's lawyer says that the US I should use time and money better

The lawyer Eduardo Balarezo, part of the team that defends Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán in the trial against him in New York, affirmed that the prosecution should better use the resources of the Government instead of presenting "frivolous motions."

He referred to a motion filed Thursday by the prosecution asking Judge Brian Cogan for a reprimand against him for his Twitter messages about the process.

"Apparently the unlimited resources of the government allow the luxury of wasting time presenting frivolous motions," he said in his response to Judge Cogan, who is presiding over the trial, which began last November 5 in the federal district court of Brooklyn.

He adds that "maybe the government could use its time better by accelerating the case so that judicial resources are not squandered during the next months".

In a letter sent yesterday to the judge, the prosecution argued that those tweets put at risk the holding of a "fair trial" and asked the judge to prohibit the lawyers that kind of behavior.

The letter specifically mentions several messages posted on the popular social network by Balarezo, who responded one by one to the examples mentioned by the Government and ensures that none of his tweets has given his opinion about what happens in the trial much less impose "fear" on witnesses or juries.

According to Balarezo, the prosecution's reaction to one of his tweets is "pathetic."

One of the tweets that the prosecutor complained about is that the lawyer shared the song "Un Puño de Tierra", one of Guzmán's favorites, after a witness declared that a group had repeatedly touched her just before that an attack was perpetrated against him, supposedly ordered by the narco.

The witness Miguel Ángel Martínez, alias Tololoche, is not a follower of @BalarezoLaw and his name was not mentioned. "Unless the government informed him, there is no way he has found out," argued the lawyer.


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