January 20, 2021

Chapek, a “visionary leader” who will pilot Disney in the streaming war

After 15 years at the helm of Disney, Bob Iger has given way to Bob Chapek as CEO of the entertainment giant, a new boss who has been qualified as a “visionary leader” and who will be in charge of guiding the company during the fierce war of the “streaming.”

Chapek, who has worked for Disney for nearly three decades, is the seventh CEO of Disney in the company’s almost 100 years of history, and has been serving as president of Parks, Experiences and Products since the creation of this segment in 2018.

“A visionary leader has struggled to use the latest generation of creativity and technology to expand and improve the consumer experience,” says Disney.

Prior to that position, he was president since 2015 of Disney Parks and Hotel Complexes, which includes infrastructure in the US, Europe and Asia, as well as a cruise line.

Under the baton of Chapek, Disney Parks recorded the largest investment and expansion in its 60-year history, which included the inauguration of the “Shanghai Disney Resort” and multiplying the fleet of the cruise line by two.


It has also introduced some of the most technologically advanced immersion experiences of theme parks such as “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge”, and has fueled the growth of attractions inspired by Marvel superheroes.

Chapek reaches the top of Disney shortly after presenting its digital streaming platform Disney +, with which it launched into an increasingly competitive market, which includes giants such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV, CBS All Access or Showtime.

However, it has a good base, as Disney + already has more than 28 million subscribers on its digital platform despite the fact that the service was launched in November, only three months ago.

“The legacy of Bob (Iger) is very significant,” Chapek said in an interview shortly after the change was announced.

“I think my role will be to take advantage of the strategic pillars that he has established so well in the last 15 years and continue working on them to implement them in the market,” he added.

“At the same time,” he admitted, “we have to look around the corner to see what could be causing changes in the market and that it would need the inclusion of a fresh perspective.”


Chapek will, however, count on Iger for a year and a half. “I have been able to see his magic in the front row and I can extend that for another year and a half. I could not ask for more,” he said.

The new CEO has also been president of distribution at Walt Disney Studios and president of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

Before arriving at Disney, Chapek, a graduate in Microbiology, worked at H.J. Heinz Company as brand manager and J. Walter Thompson in the advertising division.


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