Chaos in the organization of the Marc Anthony concert in Madrid

The Madrid appointment of the Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony's tour, at the Ifema venue, has caused a multitude of complaints on social networks from attendees, who have suffered long queues at the entrance and crowds at the exit. "Total chaos", said one of the attendees to regarding the line of several kilometers of people walking slowly on the shoulder of the road to gain access, for hours.

A "bottleneck" strangles an oversaturated season of festivals

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“Without a doubt the worst concert of my life. Over an hour to get in, queuing for the middle of the road. Upon entering, you do not hear anything and what to see or ask for”, wrote an assistant on Twitteraccompanying his words with a video where the stage is seen in the distance and people are heard whistling for the artist to go on stage, since the start time was delayed as the public entrance was not completed.

Shameful about the Marc Anthony concert, a queue of 3 km, 1 access for 12,000 people, a concert that should have started. What is this? 💩

– Candela Salvador (@CandelaSalvador) June 21, 2022

The driveway was jammed as also happened in the Barcelona concertsince the Pa'llá voy tour, which had been canceled twice, in 2020 and 2021, due to the pandemic, is receiving a massive reception.

“I've already queued a kilometer, it's 10:30 p.m., the concert started and all the people coming in. We are about a kilometer from the entrance and the organization is a shame, a disaster”, another attendee told in a video, which was recorded while waiting to enter, advancing along a line that went back and forth in the form of a serpentine. The performance was scheduled for 22:00 but it started 25 minutes later and there were still many people who had not managed to get in. Another attendee who recorded a video at the same timeexplained that he had been in the queue since nine at night.

Without a doubt the worst concert of my life. More than 1 hour to enter, queue for the middle of the road. Upon entering, you do not hear anything and what to see or ask for. #MarcAnthony #Ifema @TicketmasterUK @MarcAnthony @IFEMA @planetevents

— AlmondFM (@almondfm) June 21, 2022

Some attendees also complained about poor sound quality and, as one Twitter user showeda queue of people was also generated to put complaints in the same concert venue.

Disappointment. Painful organization, 3 km queue and cars passing us 20 cm. The sound is worse than a town festival, and the artist…last night that word was too big for him. We left at 11:41 p.m. and this is the queue of claims that there was already @MarcAnthony @IFEMA @planetevents

– Patricia (@Alaia77) June 22, 2022

This concert, organized by Ruzvan Comunicaciones and Planet [email protected] Nation, is part of the eleven that the salsa artist announced in Spain for this tour. Seven are pending: Seville, Fuengirola, Oviedo, Valencia, Murcia and Chiclana de la Frontera.

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