Chaos and delays of more than an hour in the routes of the new rapid train of Extremadura

Incidents continue and the chaos in the trips of the fast trains (Alvia and Intercity,) of Extremadura inaugurated last Monday, July 18. Passengers on the new Alvia line are experiencing delays that have lasted more than an hour in some cases. The Executive itself has recognized that the service being provided to travelers from Extremadura is not what was expected. To show a button of what is happening this week: the Alvia that left Badajoz yesterday Thursday at 07:25 a.m. and that had an expected arrival time in Madrid at 11:43 a.m., arrived at the Atocha station more than 60 minutes late. To this is added the delay of more than 70 minutes on Thursday, the day of the inauguration, when in its first section between Badajoz and Mérida it already marked a delay of more than 15 minutes. Other cars have circulated for hours without air conditioning or bottled water to buy in the train cafeteria.

As reported by ABC, it is a hybrid model and the train is not yet electrified, nor is the high-speed track gauge complete. From the Government they argue that it has not given time to finish the project and that it is a "first phase" still to be finished and completed.

The Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, assured yesterday Thursday that her department is working to reverse the situation "as soon as possible", which, in her opinion, is not "admissible". Sánchez was "aware" of the delays in the trains after the commissioning of the new Alvia train in the region, and that the service that is being offered "is neither the expected one, nor the one that the users deserve".

For this reason, the minister apologized and reported an urgent meeting with the president of Renfe, Isaías Táboas, and the president of Adif, María Luisa Domínguez, and measures are already being taken. "It must be said that certain incidents are normal in the first days of a commissioning, but I understand that this situation is not admissible and we are working to reverse it as soon as possible," she assured.

Similarly, he advanced that this Friday the president of Renfe and the president of Adif will be in Extremadura to "give explanations and put measures on the table with transparency, rigor and with solutions."

Relay in Renfe

The situation of chaos is such that the president of Renfe, Isaías Táboas, decided last Wednesday to take over from the manager of Production of Commercial Services of the Madrid-Extremadura line after the delays registered by Alvia and Intercity delays on the second day traffic.

The Junta de Extremadura itself denounced this week as "absolutely indecent and unacceptable" the delays experienced in the three days since the commissioning of the new high-performance train in the region and demanded "responsibility" for it.

The Minister of Mobility, Transport and Housing, Leire Iglesias, explained yesterday at a press conference that they have already contacted those responsible at the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda to "demand them to immediately adopt solutions, explanations and responsibilities”.

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