Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Changing the electricity rate to the PVPC makes the receipt cheaper by up to 29%

An average user who has contracted a free market rate can reduce the amount of their invoice up to 28.9% if they return to the semi-regulated rate, the Voluntary Price for Small Consumers (PVPC), according to an analysis by Facua in March.

This is confirmed in the last comparative study carried out by Facua, which analyzed this March offers from ten marketers and, in all cases, their prices make the receipt more expensive with respect to the “already high PVPC”. The most expensive are Iberdrola, Fenie and Holaluz.

The differences range between 2.38 and 26.24 euros in the receipt of the average user if their rate is free market instead of the semi-regulated PVPC, as reported by the consumer organization in a statement, in which it points out that the problems Economic measures that many families go through during the state of alarm due to the coronavirus make it necessary to carry out saving measures, which in the case of domestic supplies include, in particular, checking the electricity bill.

Facua warns that users who switched to the free market to return to having the semi-regulated PVPC rate only have to contact any of the eight reference marketers, which belong to business groups that also have free market marketers.

The study, carried out between March 5 and 9, covers the rates without hourly discrimination and a stable price for each kW of contracted power and kWh of energy consumed by Cepsa, CHC Energía, Endesa, Feníe, Holaluz, Iberdrola, Lucera, Naturgy , Repsol and Som Energía.


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