Changes in the price of tobacco: the BOE publishes the variations

The BOE for this Saturday May 21 has published new changes in the price of some tobacco products. Apache Blue cigarette packs are affected, whose price rises to 3.95 euros, and some products such as cigars and cigarillos from Alejandro Aljambra, whose prices per unit change as follows: Series II (10). 1.95 Series II (25). 1.95 Series III (10). 1.60 Series III (25). 1.60 Series V (10). 1.45 Series V (25). 1.45 Series VI (10). 1.70 Series VI (25). 1.70 Series VIII (10). 1.80 Series VIII (25). 1.80 Series XIII (10). 1.30 Series XIII (25). 1.30 Wide Bull (25). 1.55 The Esteli Edition cigars from El Viejo Continente also change in price, which remain at 12 euros per unit. As for the pipe bites, Eastwood Original Blend (30 g) is 2 euros. How tobacco prices are established The sale price of tobacco is made up of two components: the one set by the manufacturer and the part referring to taxes, which differs depending on the type of product (cigarettes, cigarettes, etc.). The Law on the Regulation of the Tobacco Market and Tax Regulations establishes, in its article 4 (relating to retail trade) that "the prices for sale to the public of the different types, brands and forms of tobacco intended to be marketed in Spain , with the exception of the Canary Islands, will be determined by the manufacturers or, where appropriate, their representatives or agents in the European Union». That is, it is the manufacturer himself who sets the price of the product.

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