July 25, 2021

“Changes and progress do not occur without the resistance of the old powers”

Pablo Iglesias has come out this Friday to the passage of the judicial investigation opened against Podemos by an investigating judge in Madrid on the alleged irregularities denounced by a former lawyer of the party. After several days of silence from the secretary general, Iglesias has described the complaints of JosĂ© Manuel Calvente as “baseless accusations” and has argued that they will not “give the pleasure” of spending months defending themselves “in the media” instead of “talk about the social debate on the monarchy or on how to use European funds”.

The lawyer who denounced Podemos, the judge about the "self-contracts" with Neuron: "I can't prove it"

The lawyer who denounced Podemos, the judge about the “self-contracts” with Neurona: “I cannot prove it”

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In a Twitter thread, Iglesias recalls that since the founding of Podemos, many complaints and investigations against Podemos have been filed. “The financing of Podemos has been repeatedly investigated and no evidence of a crime has ever been found,” he says. The second vice president of the Government says that his party “is at the disposal of the judicial authorities so that they require all the documentation and information they consider from us.”

The judge, in an extensive battery of stagecoaches signed on July 30 and 31, claims accounting notes, payroll, contracts and receipts of workers’ expenses from Podemos, among other documentation. All after Calvente’s testimony as a witness in court, in which he said not having proof of the accusations he had leveled against his former employers. From Podemos they have claimed the nullity of the case and have accused the judge of having initiated a “general case” against them.

“We have memory,” Iglesias continues in his messages. “In these years, there have been many occasions in which we have been accused of serious crimes. PISA report, assembly of Vicky Rosell, false documents on accounts in tax havens … An endless list. The end of all these accusations is known, “he continues.

In recent days, since The opposition has accused Iglesias of keeping silent. The response of the leader of United We Can comes in the form of a tweet: “We understand that some are very interested that now we spend months defending ourselves in the media against baseless accusations, instead of talking about the social debate about the monarchy or about how to use the funds Europeans for reconstruction. We are not going to give them that pleasure. ”

Iglesias indicates as a cause of the judicial movements against Podemos the intention to kick them out of the coalition government with the PSOE. “We are going to continue working to defend the general interest together with civil society, from Parliament and from the Government,” he says. To conclude: “Defending social justice and a republican horizon as part of the Government has and will have costs. Changes and progress do not occur without the resistance of the old powers.”


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