April 10, 2021

CHANGE OF QUEENS: Monarchical extravagances | Culture

CHANGE OF QUEENS: Monarchical extravagances | Culture

By coincidence of the Spanish distribution, since it is about productions of different years, from this Friday on the billboard coincide three palatial intrigues that, starting from distant stylistic budgets, sink their roots in the same land: sex as source of conflict in the reigns, as a key element for the survival of the monarchical institution, as luck of possible depravity of the human kind, and, above all, as a form of power, not already in the bedroom but directly on the map of Europe.


Address: Marc Dugain.

Interpreters: Lambert Wilson, Juliane Lepoureau, Kacey Motett Klein, Anamaria Vartolomei.

Gender: drama France, 2017

Duration: 100 minutes

Like The favourite, by Yorgos Lanthimos, Y Mary, Queen of Scotland, by Josie Rourke, Change of queens, the second feature film by the Frenchman Marc Dugain, updates to some extent his story of real characters and events, even though he is basically faithful to historical events. And he does it with four fascinating personalities in the historical and the human, with the War of the Quadruple Alliance in between. On the one hand, Luis I of Spain, then Prince of Asturias and later king, the most ephemeral of the history of our country, married at the age of 15 with the French princess Luisa Isabel de Orleans, aged 12, called the Mad Queen, bulimic and afflicted with a borderline personality disorder. And, on the other hand, Louis XV of France, saved in extremis of the death that corroded his family, which made him be king despite occupying a position far in the succession, promised at the age of 11 years with the Spanish Mariana Victoria de Borbón, 4 years old, daughter of Felipe V, who He traveled to the French court to join the monarch child. A teenager and a baby, two foreign princesses who changed the country "like two pieces of meat" by order of their parents, with the aim of perpetuating reigns and consolidating peace and power.

Dugain, also a co-writer, deals with both tedium ("what can we talk about?") And the sex lessons offered to the inexperienced, and without having to force the machine of the grotesque (like Lanthimos), he composes situations of a frightful ridiculous, dreary moments and others of a great tenderness. Change of queens It is even funny without being comical, because everything is pathetic: "Returning it would be too risky, it could bring us war," says an advisor, when they fear that Mariana is dwarf and too narrow to be able to father children in the future.

With a beautiful photography and soundtrack, the film takes time and, not wanting to underline anything, may be a bit of a morose at some point, but the disturbing interest of characters and situations turn it into a lucid historical and political chronicle of unusual extravagance.


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