Chanel, from queen of musicals in Madrid to diva of Eurovision

Born in Cuba, Chanel arrived in Spain when she was only four years old with many dreams to fulfill. Barcelona was the city that welcomed her and where she grew up until adolescence.

At the age of 16 - and determined to become a great artist - Chanel packed her bags and settled in Madrid to become the queen of musicals. Now, at 31 years old, she has become the new diva of Europe and will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with the song "SloMo".

Chanel Terrero has been part of the great productions represented on the Gran Vía, such as "The Lion King", "Mamma Mía!", "Flashdance", "The Bodyguard", "Hamilton Fever" or "NINE". "I came to Madrid with a dream: to succeed under the lights of Madrid's Gran Vía. My dream came true and I began my artistic career on stage," the singer told the España Directo program.

In these works she has been able to develop as an artist and put into practice all the disciplines in which she has been trained: classical ballet, jazz, rhythmic gymnastics, singing and interpretation. She acknowledges that, although she has grown up in Spain and Madrid has become her new home, she misses his roots very much. For this reason, one of his favorite corners of the capital is the Cuban restaurant La Negra Tomasa, located in the Barrio de las Letras. There she returns to his origins through cocktails, old clothes, the male banana and other national dishes; but above all, through salsa and Latin rhythms.

In addition to musical shows, Chanel has participated in several successful series such as "Águila Roja", "Wake Up", "Gym Tony", "El Continental", "Cupido" (RTVE), "El Secreto de Puente Viejo" or "El Inmortal", as well as in Agustí Villaronga's "El Rey de la Habana". She has also danced with Shakira at the 2010 "EMAS" gala.

Currently, she admits that she lives in a rehearsal room, combining the preparation of the Spanish candidacy for Turin with the new musical by Nacho Cano, "Malinche", where she will play the leading role.

Chanel, to the conquest of Europe

Chanel will host the Barcelona Eurovision Party, which will take place on Saturday, March 26.

The Spanish candidate will perform her song "SloMo" in this event that will be held in the Sala Apolo in Barcelona and will be presented by the dancer Giuseppe di Bella and the drag queen Sharonne.

The Barcelona Eurovision Party is one of the stops on Chanel's promotional tour. The Hispanic-Cuban artist has set out to make the whole of Europe dance in 'slow motion' with the urban-Latin rhythms of her song, composed by Leroy Sánchez, Keith Harris, Ibere ​​Fortes, Maggie Szabos and Arjen Thonen and with a choreography created by Kyle Hanagami.

The first stop will be Portugal, since Chanel has been invited by RTP to participate in its second semifinal of the Eurovision pre-selection, the Festival da Canção on March 7. In addition, the artist plans to tour other national teams and other prestigious European television programs to make herself known in the old continent. Let Europe tremble because Chanel is determined to be crowned the queen of Eurovision 2022.