Chanel celebrates 100 years of No. 5 with a line inspired by everyday objects

Paris, Jun 29 (EFE) .- Chanel celebrates the centenary of the creation of its No. 5 perfume, the best-selling in history, with a limited collection of creams, oils and other products sold on the internet and ephemeral stores starting this Tuesday .

The central Parisian district of the Marais has been chosen to locate one of the eight "pop-up stores" that the brand will have in cities such as London, Seoul or Hong Kong, which recover the original spirit of the perfume that Gabrielle Chanel conceived in an avant-garde way like a laboratory jar.

The 17 products in this collection include body creams, gel, body oil, soap, glitter gel and the same perfume, all with the original formula of No. 5, created in 1921 together with the Franco-Russian perfumer Ernest Beaux, who until the Revolution of the Bolsheviks had worked at the court of the tsars.

The particularity of this collection, which is also sold in other points of sale in Spain, the United States and other countries, is that it reproduces that same industrial aspect and recovers the shape of everyday functional objects.

The shower gel goes in a dishwasher jar, which can be reused for it, the body cream in an oil paint jar, the oil in one that mimics that of motor oil, and the bath salts go in a box of tea.

"We wanted to go back to the process of creating the first container No. 5. At that time it was a simple laboratory bottle, a functional object that became luxurious and iconic. There was already this notion of transforming an ordinary object into a precious one," he said on a note Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, Creative Head of Beauty.

While the store décor is ultra-colorful, and inspired by 1960s industrial buildings, the jars are minimalist, with the signature black and white.

For Du Pré de Saint Maur, it is the "luxurious experience" of the product that will make these everyday objects unique.

A spokeswoman for the firm indicated in the store that instead of celebrating the past, this way of celebrating the birth of the perfume puts an eye on the future.

Chanel was the first to expand her brand with beauty products, and designers such as Jeanne Lanvin or Jean Patou followed in her footsteps later.

The perfume, which has only been modified eight times since its inception, became an object of desire and was a resounding success, especially in the United States, turning Chanel into a millionaire. It is still the best-selling perfume in history to this day.


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