Champions: Torrejón: "There is fear that a girl is better than a boy" | sports

Champions: Torrejón: "There is fear that a girl is better than a boy" | sports

"Do you know what needs to change?", Asks Marta Torrejón (Mataró, 28 years old); "Sometimes there seems to be fear that a girl is better than a boy. What's wrong with making you a pipe?" Until the age of 14, at the Espanyol youth academy, Torrejón was the only woman on the team. The best solitude, in any case: she was alone and felt accompanied. "I always had a good relationship with everyone, the only thing was that I had to change alone", remember the defense of Barcelona. Of course, he could not share the costumes with his teammates. "I had a delegate who was a love and when we played outside he was worried about getting a wardrobe for me. Maybe to celebrate or to speak before the games was a bit cold, but at that time I did not see it as something strange. Today perhaps with perspective … but no problem. "

If he has to play football, he does. Also if you have to study. Of course, it adds up when you have to vindicate the woman's place. Of course, without confronting. "The situation has to be normalized, but we should not exaggerate. There are many girls who have suffered negative experiences, I suffered them. The parents, with me, were more cruel than their children. Children do not have evil. But there is everything, not all of society is macho, "says Torrejón.

Nice, frank, very reflective, the defense of Barcelona does not visualize his life embraced by a ball. And that his family is linked to football. His uncles are coaches and his brother, defense of the Berlin Union (Second). "I love football, but once I finish my career I would like to dedicate myself to something else," he says.

And there is no doubt that it was prepared. Neither that it is still prepared. She is a biologist and is now studying geography and history. "Yes, I know that they have nothing to do with one race thing with the other, but what does it have to do? Why do I have to study things that are related? I have grown older and I am interested to know how our society has evolved. I like to know why we are the way we are ", explains Torrejón. Now, however, he does not want complications.

"I'm studying from a distance. In the last stage in biology I struggled to reconcile it because sometimes I had to go in the morning and there were practices in the afternoons, "explains the azulgrana. Everything changed in recent years for Torrejón, also for Barça. More professionalization, more obligations.

"When I started at Espanyol, I always trained at nine o'clock at night. In my first year at Barça, the training was at seven. Then it happened at five and now we have to be in the Sports City at eight thirty in the morning, "he explains. More time in the club, always ready to find a space for books, when the calendar of Barcelona allows it. Tonight the Barça team faces the Glasgow for the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League (18.30). And the Barca defense does not shrink. "I do not hit kicks if they make me a pipe. I also do them ", closes Torrejón, biologist, soon to be a historian, always a footballer.

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