May 11, 2021

'Champions' takes the first victory of the year

'Champions' takes the first victory of the year

As every year, we have to start by knowing what happened to the previous one through the prizes. So these weeks we will have a binge of film awards that try to value and give a new boost to the films of 2018. Yesterday the Forqué (delivered by the producers) gave the kick-off, next week the Feroz (the critics) are celebrated and on February 2 the Goya (the Academy). Curiously, none of the three galas will be held in Madrid, nor will Barcelona. Zaragoza, Bilbao and Seville have been the chosen venues, and makes more than one think that the culture in Spain is too centralized in the capital and the city of Barcelona. The appointment in the capital of Aragón gives clues of the winners of the prizes that are to come and reducing the surprise factor. On this occasion, in fact, there was no more because the winner of the night was one of the great favorites "Champions", directed by Javier Fesser.

But if we talk about success we can not forget the boys and girls of Operación Triunfo. In the last edition and they came, but only those who were eliminated with Cepeda as star and last expelled. This time they were all and when they were seen ready to go through the red carpet, came the revolution of mobile phones, flashes and arms held high. They have a lot of protagonism, which is not their fault, but there are those among so many musicians (besides the 16 triumphs they sang Ana Guerra, Blas Cantó, Marta Sánchez and Carlos Baute) they forget that it is about film prizes.

In which the best actor and actress was received by Antonio de la Torre for "El reino" (by Rodrigo Sorogoyen) and Eva Llorach for "Quién te cantará" (by Carlos Vermut). She defined herself as an "unknown", but that has knocked down three theoretically most favorite interpreters, Barbara Lennie, Penelope Cruz and Alexandra Jimenez. For its part, the Latin American movie of the year was sung. "Roma" by Alfonso Cuarón is still a competitor almost impossible to beat after captivating half the world and it is not brave to venture that he will win more prizes in our country.

The best documentary was "El silencio de otros" by Robert Bahar and Almudena Carracedo, while in short films the award was taken by "Cerdita", directed by Carlota Martínez Pereda and starring Laura Galán. And then there is the case of that "special" category of the Forqué, dedicated to Cinema and Education in values. The fact that two films included in this group, "Champions" and "Carmen and Lola", they were also nominated for a best film, it means a lot of where the cinema is going, in addition to proving that in the seventh art there is much more than entertainment. The prize was won by one of them, again "Champions".

In a gala hosted by Elena Sánchez and Edu Soto, in which Ana Guerra confirmed that she "feels proud of being Spanish" and the president of Egeda Enrique Cerezo asked that cinema be "a matter of state", the producers presented the Medal of Honor to one of their own, a fellow professional, José Frade (who has 115 feature films in his filmography).

Although there are others who take that "honor" in a more symbolic way, like Carlos Saura (who last year had already received this Medal of Honor), who has always been a prophet in his homeland and receives the love of all Spanish cinema. From Bayonne, for example, who presented a prize together with the Huesca forming a beautiful image of the regeneration of our cinema. And of course, José María Forqué himself, who with these awards returns soul to his land so that the youngest Aragonese do not forget the cinematic richness of their community.


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