May 16, 2021

Champions League: Roma- Real Madrid: The time of Solari

Champions League: Roma- Real Madrid: The time of Solari

Solari today has a key day to look more like Zidane than Lopetegui. In his fifth match the first defeat came to the Argentine, who by his time as a player already knows that every time Madrid loses the world ends. A Zizou the first stumble he assaulted the ninth game at the Bernabeu against Atletico and playing rather regular. The case of Lopetegui began more twisted, since in the Supercopa of Europe before the Athletic one already inaugurated the locker of defeats. Against Roma, precisely, Julen reached his best moment, to start falling after the win conceded in Seville. A three to zero like that of Ipurua, the flush from which Solari must leave putting himself at the controls. Until now I had worked in the psychic part of the dressing room, giving that confidence that the players appreciate, especially when it comes from one who put on the white-legged boots in the white club before them. With the former midfielder they returned the smile, the attitude and even that bit of luck that had been missing. The four victories in a row made him worthy of a contract until 2021, but with the ink of the firm still fresh he finds himself with a complicated first moment, those in which Real Madrid turns its head to the bench waiting for a reaction.

He defends his players before the cameras and keeps in private what they have said face to face after the three goals received against Eibar, but also ensures that collective responsibility does not exist and that is everyone's responsibility. what counts for the thing to work. "Not everything has to do with attitude, but responsibility always falls on the individual, in football and in life. The responsibility in the collective is useless. We can say that we defend all or that we attack all, but if two do not defend we are weaker and if there are three those who do not, you can not beat anyone, "he assured. A phrase that when pronouncing it could be thinking about the performance of some players in the last game.

Solari is not a technician with great swerves, but he is aware that it is urgent to radically change the image so that he does not enter into dangerous inertia. That is why it is possible that it touches the alignment and seeks to ensure that everyone attacks and defends as they should. Lucas Vázquez had played almost everything in the previous matches and did not appear for Ipurua. He could again occupy the right wing and open the field well in attack, just one of the modifications that he praised Solari in the four-game winning streak.

The appearance of Lucas usually involves the relocation of Bale on the left, unquestionably the area of ​​the field in which the Welshman performs better, no matter how much he himself tries to start from the other side to have more shooting range on goal. Real Madrid needs, and Solari, to recover the best version of the Welshman, who is exhausting the reservations of patience of the noble zone and of the tier of the Bernabéu. He was the football player destined to become leader after Cristiano's departure, but his good start has been diluted as the course progresses. Yesterday he entered the Olympic of Rome walking alone from the bus, with the backpack on his back, headphones on and without talking to anyone. Solari has given him many minutes, all those that the Welshman claimed in Kiev to remain dressed in white, but he is not taking advantage of them. Precisely in the Champions League has scored his only goal since there was change in the bench and against Roma, in the first leg, signed one of those rides that make him different from most.

Without Casemiro, it could be Isco who finally had his chance with the new coaching staff. He does not give a single wink Solari Malaga, for which they ask a lot and who is limited to say that trains like the rest and is one of the 21 available. He opened the scoring in the first leg and could enjoy today that opportunity that Asensio has had lately. In that case, it would be Kroos who would play the most defensive midfielder and it would be Isco and Modric who would be responsible for the fluidity of the ball, on a night when Madrid expects a high pressure like the one found in Eibar.

Carvajal will be the right back, good news for his personality and depth in attack. He is one of the heavyweights of the dressing room and yesterday warned that "it is a moment to talk little and do much on the grass", in a day in which neither Real Madrid nor Solari want to complicate the future.


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