July 29, 2021

Champions League: Malcom: "This is left in my memory" | sports

Champions League: Malcom: "This is left in my memory" | sports

It added 105 minutes in the season. It was him Ugly Duckling of Barcelona because he did not find support in the coach or consolation in the field, away from the calls and the ball. But Malcom did not miss the 10 minutes that Ernesto Valverde let him tie his boots because he absorbed the ball, already on the balcony of the area, he made a break in and hit him with his left foot to the net. And the Brazilian unloaded the contained anguish. The day of its premiere in the Champions League, Malcom scored and broke into tears. "He has been very successful because the first ball he has touched has been a goal," summed up the Barça coach with pragmatism. Although he added: "He is a player that relates well with the shot and against Inter he had a great success because we had many chances and we were not able to score". Malcom, excited, gave his opinion: "Playing at Barça was a child's dream, debuting in the Champions League and scoring, is marked in memory and history."

He celebrated the goal so much Malcolm, maybe because he knew that it gave him a chance to dress short in the following duels. "He's a great guy who is not having the minutes he wants, but when you work, the prize comes. It is very unfair to players who have a few minutes because it is very difficult to have that confidence. Hopefully it will help him to come back, "said Busquets. At least, it served for the team to pass the round, failing to certify the first place in the two remaining games. "But we have put everything to win", resolved Valverde.

The coach was also satisfied by the tactical intelligence of his team. "There has been a time when we suffered a bit because they came after our losses. And we must interpret when it is a very clear counter or when it is convenient to get together and try to take the handle, which is what we do better, "said the coach, who also praised Inter's competitive identity:" It takes the DNA not to surrender never".

That's why Messi did not play. "Training is not the same as a game of this caliber, with the clashes that there were and with this intensity," revealed Valverde, who returned to the compliments for his players: "We made a good match in the pressure, in the attack , in the association … We have lacked a bit of success in the final meters, but I'm happy because we see that the team has arguments and it shows ". Like Malcom, who made a target when the rest resisted him.

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