July 25, 2021

Champions: Arthur: half Iniesta, half Xavi, his secret is his neck | sports

Champions: Arthur: half Iniesta, half Xavi, his secret is his neck | sports

"The secret is in the neck." The former technical secretary Robert Fernandez, standard-bearer of the signing of Arthur (22 years) for the club, he was clear. "To play as a midfielder at Barça you have to know how to use your neck to see what happens around you. If when he receives the ball he is not positioned and he does not know how to turn around, he does not profile and he does not dominate the oriented control, so it does not work for Barcelona ", explained Robert. When he still did not dare to dream about it, Arthur was already preparing to be inside at Camp Nou. "I looked at the twists and the intelligence of Iniesta. His gestures, his plays, it seems that he jumps with the ball. I practiced what Andres did in my house. I threw the ball against the wall and tried those turns, "reveals Arthur.

I had no better prize when he landed at Can Barça than inheriting his idol's bib. "I never minded the number, but it's an honor to bring the one that Iniesta used," says Arthur. The Players Tribune. Renato Gaúcho, the coach who finished polishing Arthur in the Gremio, analyzes his game: "He is a modern football player, very technical, but also applied to the tactical. It has a lot of touch and it marks well. And, most importantly, it clarifies the game when things get tough on the field. " If there was a hard game for Barcelona it was Wednesday against Tottenham.

From Arthur, surrounded by Busquets and Rakitic, Barça looked at himself in the mirror of Barça. Between the three failed only 10 passes: none the Spanish (100% effectiveness), four the Croatian (94%) and six the Brazilian (91%). "We knew how to defend and attack when he played," said Arthur, who won six of his nine individual dueling at Wembley, signed three successful innings and swiped three balls, a performance that allowed him to be compared to Xavi.

After Barça lifted their fifth Champions in Berlin (2015), only Umtiti took hold in the eleven. No other reinforcement could be consolidated. Neither Semedo makes forget Alves nor Dembélé Neymar, and Coutinho has more extreme than steering wheel. The appearance of Arthur not only symbolizes fresh air, but also the opportunity to assemble the team. "His qualities come in handy; ensures many passes, does not lose the ball and allows us to dominate the game, "says Valverde.

Messi does not fail in his analyzes. "I like this one a lot," he told Guardiola about Busquets when the pivot went up to the first team, and this summer he dazzled with Arthur. "All those who have arrived are very good, but Arthur surprised me, he reminds me of Xavi, it's very safe," said Rosario.

His presence in the Wembley eleven left two heavy guys on the bench: Vidal and Dembélé. None liked the substitution. It happens that while Vidal and Dembélé stretch the group, Arthur unifies it. The answer is in his neck. Half Iniesta and half Xavi, Arthur aspires to represent Masia. Effects of globalization and Barça style.

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