"Champions" and "The Kingdom", winners at the Feroz 2019 Awards

"Champions" and "The Kingdom", winners at the Feroz 2019 Awards

The movie 'Champions', by Javier Fesser, Y 'The kingdom', by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, have been awarded as the two best films, the first in the comedy genre and the second in the dramatic, in the sixth edition of the Feroz 2019 Awards.

In a gala held at the Bilbao Arena, located in the Biscayan capital, and presented by the actress Ingrid García-Jonsson, 'The Kingdom', which was presented as the favorite of the night, with ten nominations, has managed to get five awards .

In addition to the award for Best Film, the film directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen has been made with the Better protagonist actor, for Antonio de la Torre; Best address, for Rodrigo Sorogoyen; Best Screenplay, for Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña; Y Best Supporting Actor, for Luis Zahera.

Another of the favorites, 'Quién te cantará', by Carlos Vermut, which had eight nominations, has finally won four awards, the one from Best leading actress, for Eva Llorach; Best original music, for Alberto Iglesias; and those of Best trailer (Miguel Ángel Trudo) and Best poster (Carlos Vermut).

One of the big winners of the night was the actress Anna Castillo, who has won the two prizes that he opted for, both to Best supporting actress, one for the series 'Arde Madrid' and another for the movie 'Journey to a mother's room'.

In the series section, in addition to the prize won by Anna Castillo, 'Arde Madrid' has risen as the best comedy series, to which the prize to Best leading actress for Inma Cuesta.

As for drama series, the winner has been Fariña, a series by which also the actors Antonio Durán 'Morris' and Javier Rey have won prizes for best actors, the first for cast and the second as the protagonist.


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