April 14, 2021

Champions and Jesús Vidal win the Goya

Champions and Jesús Vidal win the Goya

All fairy tale, like the one lived yesterday at the Goya Awards, requires one thing that Coleridge systematized at the beginning of the 19th: the voluntary suspension of disbelief. That is to say, I play the fool for you to immerse yourself with that impossible romance between poles or with that goal in the 90th minute of the team of the "loser nerds" of the American institute.

Life sometimes (and cinema more often) is wonderful because the improbable can happen at every moment. That, the introduction of the unforeseen in routine is beauty, like the silence between two piano notes. Javier Fesser, the creator of the magic of "Champions", knew perfectly well that the Goya 2019 would bet on the fairy tale.

His film is not the best critic view-he himself apologized to "The Kingdom" for snatching the big big headed, but it was what everyone wanted him to win. Yesterday, the Academy, the film industry and Spain as a whole suspended the disbelief voluntarily to be rocked by the idea that, yes, to solidarity there is no one who wins us, diverse and inclusive. And, above all, we give a handful of people with intellectual disabilities the chance to believe that their dreams will never be big enough.

For a couple of long hours we enjoy with them the perfect outcome of a fiction and the collective catharsis of a society in need of looking at itself in the broadest mirror and in the most favorable light. You have to have your heart full of manure to not get excited at least a little bit with the discourse of Jesus Vidal, better revelation actor, and the dedication to his mother simply "for giving me life," that I (and I doubt is the only ) I have never known how to tell mine.

But you also have to look in the face and see beyond the own gloating in our goodness. A decade ago, Pablo Pineda, actor with Down syndrome, won the Silver Shell for the best performer at the San Sebastian Festival. Since then, how many movies have you seen? Zero potato. Who will remember Jesus Vidal, the "champions" of Fesser, in five, ten years? Yes, perhaps, probably, they do a sequel, but is the industry really going to cover the promise given yesterday in the Goya of a trajectory? Is not a revelation actor rewarded for launching a career …?

The cinema guild loves the exceptions, the milestones, as much as broken toys generates. The wonderful friends of "Champions" are the exception, not the rule, and that's why yesterday the Goya chose them to star in the fairy tale that perhaps more than we needed them. Tomorrow, as their families will know if they are sensible -which they surely are- they have to remain in the breach, defend themselves from the good intentions of others, from the moment they recover their disbelief. With a Goya on the table, of course, that does not take away.


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