Champions: Absent Messi, it's time for Valverde | sports

Champions: Absent Messi, it's time for Valverde | sports

The Barca Y the Inter they play the leadership of group B of the Champions League. The azulgrana team is supported by the field factor and penalizes Messi's injury. The 10 has been the protagonist of the two matches played, against PSV (4-0) and Tottenham (2-4), author of five goals, saint and sign of Barcelona, ​​obsessed as the most with the European Cup. Live the club of the figure of Rosario and the team is organized around him, so that his absence requires a collective response and also requires the intervention of Valverde.

There is a special expectation to know the lineup today: the question is whether to keep the 4-3-3 with the entry of Dembélé (or even Malcom) or give way to a fourth midfielder and form with a 4-4- two. Both provisions will require a greater participation of Coutinho, who is supposed to be closest to Luis Suárez in the field – yesterday did not train, about to be a father for the third time – decisive against Sevilla, like Ter Steggen, after the fall of Messi.

"We want to miss Leo winning the games; it is a challenge that requires a joint response. It is not a matter of one, two or three players, but of all, "warned the coach. "We have the possibility to change the scheme, not the style. In the absence of his genius, it will be necessary to be more effective ". The coach is concerned about the excess of turnovers (108) and the awarded shots (15) that were recorded against Sevilla. "I'm particularly interested in the player's reaction after the error," recalled Valverde.

"It's a pity, or a sin, that Leo does not play," picked up the glove Icardi, the Argentine striker of Inter, six goals in nine games, liquidator on Sunday of Milan, a player who went through the youth of Barca. "When you think you have seen everything, Messi arrives and teaches you things you have not seen," interjected Spalletti.

The statistic ensures, in any case, that the Catalans, without Messi, injured up to 18 times, already defeated Inter in the group stage of 2009-2010 (2-0). The numbers add that the azulgrana have lost 25 games, tied 28 and won 98 of the 151 played without the 10 since 2005-2006 – from 2008-2009 defeats over 79 games amount to 10. And history also remembers that the Barça has only lost one of the six matches played with Inter, which cost them the elimination of the Champions with Mourinho in 2010.

Third in the League, six points behind Juventus, Inter came from Tottenham (2-1) and won in Eindhoven (1-2) in Europe. Although he will play without Nainggolan, coach Spalletti says that "for us, it will be a little easier without Leo, of course" and a little more difficult for Barça. The messidependence it is debated in the Camp Nou.

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