May 26, 2020

Cha In-Ha, third K-Pop artist dead in three months

The figures are as incontestable as alarming. In three months there are three dead young people. The new death is that of Cha In-Ha, a 27-year-old artist linked to the entertainment world, belonging to a male band, Surprise U, and a renowned television series actor in South Korea joins those of Sulli and Goo Hara, all of similar ages.

From the agency that is representing the young man, he has been asked not to spread rumors or speculation about his death, whose investigation is now in the hands of the police. According to the latest indications to which sources of the case have had access, the boy felt pressured and came to write on his mobile "Everyone looks at me", a phrase that could give some clue about what he was living in recent times. “We are devastated to have to give this terrible news. Chan In-Ha has left us forever. It breaks our hearts and we still have a hard time believing it. We ask that rumors not be spread out of respect, above all, to his family, which is mired in great sadness. At their express wish, the funeral will be held in the strictest privacy, ”said the statement issued by their representatives.

Born in 1992, he debuted two years ago with the short film "You, deep inside me", and was the protagonist of "Miss Independent Jieun 2", as well as several success series. His last work began airing on November 27.

The news led to mobilize numerous fans of this phenomenon, which drags legions of followers around the world. In fact, this 2019 of the five videos that had been most successful on YouTube two were from K-Pop groups, which were measured directly with Ariana Grande, Eminem or Taylor Swift. And it is that this musical genre exceeds the purely artistic to become a way of life of which its protagonists, the young people who take the stage, are the real victims, since they are required a certain way to work and fulfill on stage with draconian contracts that place them at the mercy of avid record companies that barely leave them time for their personal lives and that, on the other hand, force them to offer an image to the public that rarely has to do are what they are really living and even to transform physically through facial touch-ups or change his name.

The previous victim, Goo Hara, died a few weeks ago. He was 28 years old and a life that had transformed into a whirlwind that he could no longer control. His corpse was found lifeless in his home in Seoul. It was not going through a good moment and it was considered that it was a suicide after knowing that it was immersed in a depressive process. Different couples had taken her, they point out, to the edge of the cliff. She had even been blackmailed by the latter, who threatened to post photos of her of high sexual content on networks.

The death of her intimate friend Sulli, also a singer, meant another blow to Goo Hara. Sulli had decided to interrupt his career after receiving threats on social networks. In early October they found her dead in her apartment. He was 25 years old and had started a meteoric career at 11. He assured his relatives that he wanted to get out of the spiral in which he was immersed, that he wanted to stop, but they didn't give him enough time to do so.


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