May 14, 2021

Ceuta President asks to value “the commercial blockade of Morocco” in the distribution of the new regional aid fund

During the video conference that he shared with the rest of the autonomous presidents and the central government, Vivas used his turn to speak to demand that “the enormous effort that this Administration must make both to avoid the demolition of our productive fabric and to encourage the reconversion of the same “due to the restrictions on the entry of nationals and cross-border trade imposed by the Alawite Kingdom since the summer of 2019.

Vivas has warned of the “impossibility” of the Administration of the Autonomous City “to resort to the budget deficit as a formula to compensate for both higher expenses and the sharp drop in income.”

To these effects, President Ceuta considers “an adequate formula” the establishment, in relation to the new fund, “of the same percentage that for our city was established in Royal Decree that enabled an extraordinary one to attend situations of social emergency, approved the last March 17. “

The second request transferred to Sánchez is “that the finalist aid contemplated in the 2019 and 2020 Budgets be paid and recognized by the City (both extensions of the 2018 ones), following the procedure used by other administrations in similar cases, or in other cases. areas of the same administration “.

The President of Ceuta has also called for “until it is achieved that the General State Administration bears the unique and pressing problem” of unaccompanied Moroccan minors (MENA), an efficient compensation mechanism be established to prevent the City Autonomous support “a load that cannot and is not in a position to face”.

The last claim made to the president of Ceuta has been referred to “that continuity be completed and the efforts carried out for the return to their country of the 332 Moroccans who remained blocked in the city after the closure of the border” be completed.


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