César Ramos and José Moisés Martín, authors of the 'Manifesto for a digital left', chat from house to house with Ignacio Escolar

José Moisés Martín, economist, and César Ramos, PSOE deputy, are the authors of the essay 'Manifesto for a digital left' (Intellectual Key). This Monday at 5:00 p.m. they will chat at Connected with the director of elDiario.es, Ignacio Escolar, on the digital revolution and how the left must adapt to it.

In the text, in addition to analyzing the areas in which these changes are having the most impact in our society, they propose a roadmap for progressivism to adapt to them, and call for action highlighting that the left must use digitization as a platform to develop his transforming will.

This manifesto revolves around four big questions: how we will produce, how we will take care of ourselves, how we will inform ourselves and how we will organize ourselves. On the digital economy, the technologies that will improve the quality of life, the information society or the challenges of the left in the digital age, the authors will analyze for the readers and partners of elDiario.es the keys and challenges of the present and the future.

On these interesting topics you can now leave your questions for the authors in the comments or the form at the end of the news. The interview can be followed live on eldiario.es, through Facebook Live and in Twitter, with Periscope. We will wait for you!


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