CES 2020: This is pedaling on water: the bicycle that allows you to navigate lakes and oceans | Technology

Revolutionary transport methods are presented every year at CES. Last year was the Hyundai car with legs on the wheels. This vehicle was designed so that the user, once mounted on it, could drive, walk or even climb any surface. On this occasion the surprise has been given by an electric bicycle. But not any one. Hydrofoiler XE-1 is designed to pedal on water.

It has been developed by the New Zealand company Manta5 and will be exhibited between January 7 and 10 in Las Vegas at CES, the largest consumer technology fair in the world. "Users can explore the ocean's coasts, train along the waterways or sail along the lake with friends and family," affirms the company on its website.

This water bike uses the same technology as the Copa América boats. To stay afloat, it has a kind of carbon fiber wings that act as if they were those of an airplane. As users pedal, the electric motor activates the propeller that pushes the vehicle forward.

With a little practice, users can reach 13 miles per hour - about 20 kilometers per hour. The battery lasts about an hour and the price reaches $ 7,490, that is, about 6,700 euros. The company distributed a limited number of bicycles in New Zealand in the summer of 2019. As of April 2020, it plans to start these water vehicles to the rest of the world.


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