July 25, 2021

Cervantes Prize 2015. The writer Fernando del Paso dies at the age of 83

Cervantes Prize 2015. The writer Fernando del Paso dies at the age of 83

The writer Fernando del Paso (Mexico City, 1935), Cervantes Prize 2015, has died on the morning of this Wednesday, November 14, as confirmed by the Mexican University of Guadalajara through its institutional channels.

Del Paso, who confessed in love with Spain and Spanish, received the Cervantes Prize in 2015 for "his contribution to the development of the novel combining tradition and modernity, as Cervantes did at the time". "His novels full of risks recreate fundamental episodes in the history of Mexico, making them fundamental," said the jury at the time.

Precisely, at the ceremony held in Alcalá de Henares in 2016 in which he collected the award, the writer was critical of the Mexican government, assuring that his recent legislation approved seemed to place the country in "a principle of totalitarian state" that understands no it can be "allowed". "Criticizing my country in a foreign country makes me ashamed, but not denouncing it, that would give me even more shame," he said more than two years ago.

Del Paso wrote essay, children's literature, narrative, poetry and theater. He studied Biology and Economics at the National University of Mexico, which he left to pursue other activities. He has lived many years outside of Mexico, from 1971 to 1985 he worked as a producer of radio programs, writer and broadcaster on the BBC in London and Radio France Internationale, in Paris. In 1986 he won the RNE award for the best literary program in Spanish for 'Carta a Juan Rulfo'. He has also been consul general of Mexico in Paris.

His literary work has been recognized, among others, with the Xavier Vallaurrutia Award (1966), by 'José Trigo'; the Rómulo Gallegos Novel International Prize (1982), for 'Palinuro de México'; the Casa de las Américas Prize (1985) or the Mazatlán Prize for Literature (1987), for 'Noticias del imperio'. In addition, in 2015 he was also National Award Excellence in Literature José Emilio Pacheco International Reading Fair Yucatán.

Among his essays, he highlights 'The winter talk' or 'Travel around El Quijote', while in narrative they excel, in addition to those mentioned, 'Linda 67. Story of a crime' or 'Scattered stories'. In Poetry, it should be noted 'Sonnets of love and of the daily' or 'Ten color palette'. Finally, in Infantil he has written, among others, the book 'From A to Z by a poet'



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