Cervantes cancels May tests to obtain nationality

The Cervantes Institute has announced this Friday the cancellation of the two May calls for the tests necessary to obtain Spanish nationality due to emergency measures to combat the coronavirus.

The cancellation of the so-called constitutional and socio-cultural knowledge tests of Spain (CCSE) affects all countries, both in relation to the extraordinary call scheduled for May 14, and the ordinary one, which was to be held on 28 of that month.

In a statement, Cervantes specifies that it has contacted the affected candidates to indicate the steps they must follow to change their registration for any other active center in the CCSE network or for any other subsequent call.

In case the candidate, instead of delaying the test date, wishes to cancel the registration, he will have a maximum period of two months to do so and the money he has paid will be returned to him.

The health emergency due to the Covid-19 also forced the cancellation of the CCSE tests in all countries in March and April, which must be passed by applicants to obtain Spanish nationality by residence in Spain or by their Sephardic origin.

In view of these cancellations, the Instituto Cervantes has expanded the number of calls scheduled until November, although it does not rule out that the calendar could be modified depending on the evolution of the pandemic and compliance with the mobility regulations established by the national authorities or local from different countries.


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