Cerezo: "I do not talk about money and less about a woman" - La Provincia

Cerezo: "I do not talk about money and less about a woman" - La Provincia

The president of Atlético de Madrid, Enrique Cerezo, has said that "never" talks about money and "less with a woman"when asked by a journalist about the possible renewal of Diego Godín, adding that referring to this topic is "bad education".

"Godín? No need to worry, everything will be solved, we are looking for solutions. You are always talking to all the players, every minute, every second and every hour. Atlético de Madrid is always generous with everyone who works in the club and even with journalists, "he said.

When asked about the offer made to the Uruguayan center, the head of Atlético de Madrid did not want to answer if the money had ended in the rojiblancas coffers after the face renovation of Griezmann. "The truth is that I never talk about money because it is impolite, and less with a woman, "he added.

In this sense, Cerezo said that the Atleti "always" is "reinforced". "We have a team that -if everyone is well and there are no injuries- I do not think it is necessary to bring anyone, on the contrary," he said before being questioned by the match with Brujas, the last of the group stage of the Champions League . "We are confident of being able to win and be first of groups".

"You send me to Cuenca?"

Asked about the future of Diego Costa, who is still in the recovery phase after being operated in Brazil, the mattress president did not want to give credibility to the alleged offers of Chinese football. "Where do you send me? To Cuenca? What you like to travel"He told the media." It is not time to talk about signings. In a month or month and a half come the eighths of the Champions League and will be very important for Atlético de Madrid, "he said.

By last, Cerezo was opposed "on a personal basis" to play a league match outside national borders. "It depends on the month that we play and the temperature that you do, if you do not sweat and you can play soccer well, why not? I'm not in favor of playing games outside of Spain, but it's like the VAR, not me I like it, I understand that if they have put it, it is because it is necessary, "he concluded.


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