July 25, 2021

CEOE discloses and promotes the Spanish strategy of health and safety at work 2015-2020

CEOE discloses and promotes the Spanish strategy of health and safety at work 2015-2020

The Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, CEOE, is developing awareness, information, dissemination and promotion activities of the Spanish Strategy for Safety and Health at Work 2015-2020 in the business community, with the financing of the State Foundation for the Prevention of Occupational Risks, within the framework of the call for subsidies to carry out intersectoral actions.

These actions are aimed at improving working conditions and reducing accidents at work and occupational diseases, for which it is necessary to improve information and awareness of employers on prevention of occupational risks, as well as the promotion of life habits healthy in the work environment.

More specifically, the objectives pursued by CEOE and the main actions with which it intends to achieve them are:

– Reinforce the preventive culture in companies, with special attention to SMEs and micro-SMEs, through different tools, media and informative activities, such as webinars, informative brochures, experiences of support for preventive activity in companies or materials to raise awareness among employers in relation to occupational diseases.

– Promote a culture of health by promoting healthy living habits in the workplace through the creation of an audiovisual platform with contents related to this universe, the organization of workshops on healthy living in companies, the preparation of guides for employers and workers, the design of immersive virtual reality experiences or the production of promotional materials such as vinyl or calendars with inspiring and motivational messages.

The information generated and the different materials developed through these actions will be made available to the public interested in the web http://www.prl.ceoe.es/blog and in the profiles of the area of ​​occupational risk prevention of CEOE in social networks.

The aim is to promote the prevention of occupational risks and the promotion of health not only in companies, but in society in general, thus contributing to the creation of a preventive culture at all levels. For this, CEOE offers companies a set of free activities: https://bit.ly/actividadesPRL_CEOE

Spanish Strategy for Safety and Health at Work 2015-2020

CEOE is one of the signatories of the Spanish Strategy for Health and Safety at Work 2015-2020 (EESST), approved by the Council of Ministers in April 2015 after consensus of the General State Administration, the Autonomous Communities and other social agents . This Strategy establishes the frame of reference for public policies on occupational safety and health in the coming years and, therefore, will guide the actions of the competent institutions in the area of ​​occupational risk prevention.

Among the objectives of the Strategy is to strengthen the role of the social partners and the involvement of companies in the improvement of occupational health and safety conditions.


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