CEOE calls for prudence in the face of employment trends and asks to focus on structural reforms




The CEOE has highlighted this Tuesday that the data on registered unemployment and Social Security affiliation for July known today - 19,591,728 of employed persons in seasonally adjusted terms and 197,841 less registered unemployed in SEPE offices - are a demonstration of «A positive evolution in a month that traditionally increases employment to coincide with the summer season. However, the employers have called for caution in the face of "an environment of great uncertainty marked by the outbreaks of Covid-19" and the measures of countries such as the United Kingdom or France, which may condition the evolution of Spain as a tourist destination. In this regard, as published by the INE today, in the first six months of the year there were five million fewer tourists and entered 6,000 million euros less than last year.

“It is necessary to be prudent, since the evolution of the economy and employment is highly conditioned by the march of the pandemic, for whose containment it is vital to continue the vaccination process without delay», Have pointed from the employer's association where they have asked to act« diligently and effectively »in the management of European funds. In addition, the CEOE has focused on the structural reforms in the labor and fiscal spheres. Along these lines, he has asked "to provide legal certainty and trust by eliminating all elements of uncertainty and rigidity."

Regarding the data published today by the Ministries of Labor and Inclusion, the main business organization, has regretted that it is being slowing down the pace of job creation compared to June. For example, they have mentioned from the CEOE that the affiliation to the General Regime in hospitality amounts to 69,079 people compared to the 126.52 affiliates more than last month. They have also mentioned what happened with the RETA (Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers), which in July added 1,978 members to more than 13,000 the previous month. "However, the decrease in the number of unemployed people reaches all sectors, territories, ages and sexes," have pointed out from the employer.

In a similar vein they have spoken since Cepyme, the main organization that groups small and medium-sized Spanish companies. This employer's association has recognized that «the Spanish economy is reactivated » although he believes that there is still "a long way to go to regain pre-crisis levels." the "advance" of employment in July but has warned that there are still in ERTE 331,486 workers and more than 500,000 self-employed under the cessation of activity (unemployment of self-employed workers). "Which means that the set of effective workers affiliated to Social Security in July is still 1.4% lower than that registered in July 2019," he warned from this business organization

In line with the foregoing, Cepyme has pointed out that many SMEs have not been able to reabsorb their entire workforce and request «greater flexibility to adjust templates to the evolution of the situation in the coming months. Specifically, it has opted for "extending the deadlines and reviewing the requirements for requesting compensation, which give companies a break to face possible new restrictions." In this regard, this employer has spoken of the SME 'attrition' in this health crisis and that "in many cases they have not received the aid announced." For this reason they fear "a possible worsening after the summer" due to the prolongation of the pandemic.

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