Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Central worker of Argentina and several unions call a strike for April 30

Central worker of Argentina and several unions call a strike for April 30

The Central of Workers of Argentina (CTA) and several unions not aligned with that central, as the powerful truckers' union, called Thursday a general strike for next April 30 to protest against the government of Mauricio Macri.

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The strike was called in unison by the two sectors in which the CTA is divided, a central group that groups mainly state workers' unions, and by powerful unions of Peronist extraction, such as truckers, metalworkers and bank workers.

"Let's make the necessary effort so that April 30 for those who govern us, from inside and outside, know that here is an important sector of the labor movement and society that is not willing to continue kneeling," he said in a round of press the leader of the truckers, Hugo Moyano.

The union leader complained of the "total incapacity" of the government before a recessionary economy, which last year fell by 2.5%, with an inflation of 47.6% accumulated in 2018 and that continues at very high levels and loss of the purchasing power of employees.

"We know that people can not stand it anymore, not even those who earn a good salary, they can not stand it anymore, they are destroying everything in the country," said Moyano, surrounded by other important union leaders in Argentina.

In a year that will be marked by the presidential elections in October, in which Macri could seek re-election, Moyano warned that "whoever has the responsibility to lead the destinies of this country from December will find a country shattered "

"When he hears the president, he hears him speak in such a way that he does not understand what is happening with that human being," said the leader of Truckers in open criticism of the head of state.

Moyano affirmed that trade unionism has "the obligation and the responsibility to make all the necessary effort so that from October this gentleman (Macri) will go home, to enjoy what he has, that he has enough".

"That he leaves the Government because he is useless, incapable, does not know what he is there for," he insisted.

On the other hand, he ironically questioned the decision of the Confederation of Argentine Transport Workers (CATT), which includes public transport of passengers, to call a strike for May 1, a day that is not working in Argentina for being festive by law.

"We do not know whether to laugh or cry ... so they want to go on strike on May 1? When other trade unions in the world find out about this they will say it is a burden (joke)," he said.

In addition, Moyano harshly questioned the General Labor Confederation (CGT), the largest labor center in Argentina and which he himself directed for years, but whose current leadership is reluctant to call a general strike.

Moyano said that the current leaders of the CGT "are afraid, are comfortable or threaten something and get under the bed."

"It is difficult to decipher what some gentlemen think that are in the CGT because there are sectors of the industry in which they have fired people, they have lost 60,000 workers, and they do not react, it hurts more, more annoyed and more angry when the leaders unions see that they dismiss and lower wages to workers and does not react, "said Moyano.

He assured that "98% of the workers" support their sector, made up of unions that have traditionally integrated the CGT but are now grouped in a front with tougher positions before the Macri government.


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