Central and Basque governments will resume the transfer agenda in phase 3

The central and Basque governments will resume negotiations on the schedule of pending transfers to the Basque Country when the Basque Country goes to phase 3 of the de-escalation.

This was agreed by the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function, Carolina Darias, and the Basque Minister of Public Governance and Self-government, Josu Erkoreka, during a telematic meeting that they held to return to the agenda of common sectoral issues.

A meeting of the Mixed Transfer Commission was scheduled for March 16, but it was postponed due to the positive in coronavirus by Minister Darias and since then there have been no more appointments as a result of the pandemic.

In this meeting, the transfer of new transfers to the Basque Country, those corresponding to pharmaceutical products, school insurance and the prior retirement benefits of workers affected by employment regulation files, was to be addressed.

These transfers are included in the calendar of 32 pending competencies agreed by both Executives in Vitoria on February 20, which contemplated postponing until 2021 the "study" of the transfer of economic management from Social Security to the Basque Country, pending the "the renewal agreements of the Toledo Pact are" advanced ".

As reported by the Basque Government after the meeting between Darias and Erkoreka, both have decided to activate the working groups to update the transfer schedule and hold a Mixed Commission when the Basque Country goes to phase 3, which will be in-person and in which they will be negotiated the three competitions that were on the agenda for March 16.

These three transfers were included in the first of the four transfer blocks agreed in that schedule and which established their transfer for the past month of March, a calendar that will undergo changes in terms of the consequences of the pandemic.

The second block comprised 11 subjects whose negotiation was to begin in June, among them the management of penitentiary centers, competencies in insurance, private security services, meteorology, road transport and tourism inns.

According to that calendar, the talks of the third block would start in January of next year and would include matters such as the powers of airports, ports of general interest, hydrocarbons, maritime salvage, the state public sector, rail transport functions on certain commuter lines and Feve, vehicle registration and registration permits and fisheries inspection.

For the fourth and final phase, the negotiation of the economic management of Social Security was left.

At the meeting on Monday, Darias and Erkoreka also addressed issues related to the management of the Civil Service with a view to holding a forthcoming sectoral conference on this matter in which all the autonomous communities will participate.

The minister has started with the Basque Country the round of meetings that she will hold with all the autonomous councilors with powers in the field of Public Function, to advance common issues in management and share the experience of recent months in matters such as governance and public employment.


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