October 22, 2020

Celtic fans of Glasgow star in altercations in Valencia and Benidorm – La Provincia

Celtic fans of Glasgow star in altercations in Valencia and Benidorm - La Provincia

Thousands of fans of Glasgow Celtic They have moved for the Europa League game against Valencia CF, mainly with destination Valencia and Benidorm capital. The vast majority of them peaceful and jovial, but there are always exceptions.

Some of them already made themselves felt in the early morning of this Wednesday in the city of the Alicante coast, where according to different Scottish media published and some accounts in the social networks caused incidents and clashes with the police over the last 24 hours.

The most serious occurred in effect in Benidorm, where some of these fans more radical or under the effects of liters of beer caused a fire on the terrace of a pub frequented by Glasgow fans Rangers, his rival in the Scottish city. Due to this event there was no need to regret serious injuries, but even the locals of the Golden Last Rangers Bar lamented and condemned the attitude of these fans through the networks.

The fire was generated when these fans set some Rangers flags on fire that was on the terrace, spreading immediately through the awnings of it to cause a real disaster. The police had to intervene so that these incidents were not over.

Later, also in the center of the Valencian capital were recorded some isolated confrontations with the police. In fact, different accounts on twitter of Scottish fans denounced that the Spanish police had used an "excessive force" to dissuade the Scots, accusing the forces of order of charging against them with their truncheons without saying a word and even "firing with rubber bullets".

We must remember that many of these fans have come without having entry to the game, so the police is ready to ensure order in the hours before and during the dispute of the knockout round of the Europa League.


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