May 15, 2021

Celta takes flight and cuts Athletic’s wings

The Celtic escaped from the relegation places with a great victory at San Mamés, a clear 0-2 product of a splendid second part of the sky and of both Hugo Mallo and Iago Aspas, in plays also featuring Denis Suárez, Santi Mina and Brais Méndez.

A second act that gave Chacho Coudet his second consecutive victory reaffirming the good moment of the game and Celtian results with the Argentine coach. Two victories in a row, this Friday the first away from home so far this year, which move up four positions in the table to a Celtic who is provisionally fourteenth.

Ninth, on the other hand, a Athletic who did not endorse the good feelings of the last two meetings after the revolution of Gaizka Garitano, who the first who changed in the weak game of his team was the great protagonists of the last days, Asier Villalibre and Unai Vencedor.

The Bilbao team, who dreamed of their fourth consecutive victory at home and sleeping fifth in the table, sees how the last team that was in decline, Celta, reaches them and returns to the depressed state prior to 4-0 at Betis two days ago.

The Celta ends a streak of not winning in San Mamés that lasted 14 years and Iago Aspas continues to add to his private account with his sixth goal so far this year.

An involuntary hand, but with an outstretched arm, in a clearance by Murillo inside the area was the first noteworthy of a clash with arrivals at both goals, although without clear chances or too much rhythm in the game due to the concern of both teams to press the exit of the rival ball.

Although they were not fine when opportunities appeared in the first part. Those of Celta were two shots crossed by Mina and Olaza, the first cleared by Unai Simón for a corner and the second narrowly missed, and a clearance by Unai Nuñez that almost slipped into his own goal.

Athletic came more in that first half, especially when Muniain found the ball. Who also finished excessively crossed a Williams center that was not easy to finish and left a ball in the area arriving at the break in which Williams got involved and ended up wasting a good chance that Capa could also finish.

A couple of shots without much edge from Vesga and a high header from the almost unprecedented, although always ready, Villalibre completed the quota of shots of a first half somewhat below previous expectations before the good moment in which the two teams arrived .

Back from changing rooms, the first time was for Athletic but the Celta match. Berenguer looked for another cross shot when perhaps the pass was at the near post to Villalibre.

From there, the clash was blue-colored with several Celta arrivals, who already warned with a first goal from Mina annulled for offside by Aspas. Already before Olaza, in another shot crossed and Aspas himself had translated into arrivals in visiting domain.

And the fourth time was the charm. Denis Suárez looked for a center passed at the head of Mina, who yielded to the near post when Hugo Mallo arrived. That he scored with his head against a local disorder resulting from a loss, perhaps at fault, on the rival field and a very hasty retreat.

Athletic reacted quickly in a center of Capa in which Raúl García, recently entered the field, hindered a volley at the failed end of Vesga.

But that’s where Garitano’s men stayed, who gave up 0-2 in a serious error by Unai Simón that Brais Méndez took advantage of to center

to an Aspas only at the far post and who also benefited from a rebound of the ball by Unai Nuñez.

The local siege attempt in the final stage did not go further and Celta added a victory that can change the course of this season.

Data sheet:

0 – Athletic Club: Unai Simon; Capa, Yeray, Unai Nuñez, Yuri (Balenziaga, m.46); Winner (Unai López, m.62), Vesga; Williams (Morcillo, m.79), Muniain (Sancet, m.79), Berenguer; and Villalibre (Raúl García, m.62).

2 – RC Celta: Rubén Blanco; Hugo Mallo, Néstor Araujo, Murillo, Olaza; Wall; Brais Méndez (Miguel Baeza, m.91), Denis Suárez, Nolito (Aidoo, m.71); Iago Aspas (Fran Beltrán, m.88) and Santi Mina.

Goals: 0-1, m.60: Blades. 0-2, m.78: Blades.

Referee: Jorge Figueroa Vázquez (Andalusian Committee). He showed a yellow card to the locals Unai Nuñez (m.26) and Vesga (m.84) and to the visitor Murillo (m.53).

VAR referee: Carlos del Cerro Grande (Madrid Committee).

Incidents: Match of the twelfth day of The league Santander, played behind closed doors in San Mamés.


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