February 27, 2021

Celta sign left-back Aarón Martín

Aarón Martín, with the Celta shirt.

Aarón Martín, with the Celta shirt.

Celta have started the winter market before it actually opens. When it was expected to be a window with little movement, the celestial club has begun to strengthen and by a demarcation that in principle was secondary with respect to the position of forward. Because the one who arrives is a left back: Aarón Martín.

“RC Celta incorporates experience, attacking vocation and defensive order for its defense with the arrival of full-back Aarón Martín. The celeste club and FSV Mainz 05 have reached an agreement for the assignment until the end of the season of the left-handed defender. RC Celta keeps a purchase option, “reports the Vigo club.

Aarón Martín (Montmeló, 1997) was formed in the prolific lower categories of Espanyol, club with which he played more than 60 games in the First Division and was assiduous in the structure of the lower categories of the Spanish team up to the under 21 category. He has played 60 games in the Bundesliga since 2018 in Germany for Mainz.

“The new celestial defender stands out for his offensive vocation, being a participant in his team’s attack game, and for his excellent defensive rigor, which makes him a very difficult side to beat“, indicate from Celta.

Although on the left side is offering a great performance Lucas Olaza, It is true that the Uruguayan does not have a clear substitute for the repeated physical problems that Juncá has suffered, who has never consolidated in the position since his arrival from Eibar. The most common replacement for Olaza was Fontán, to whom the club is expected to award a first-team card in January. The Vilagarciano will thus see his contribution to the first team more hampered, although it is true that he will continue as a fourth option as a central defender.

The president of Celta, Carlos Mouriño, assured in his last appearance that there would be no signings if there were no exits before. But Felipe Miñambres has been able to advance his work thanks to the income from the transfer of youth squad Bajcetic to Liverpool and an income for Rodrigo’s training rights.

The hiring of a left back had been an express request from Coudet, who attached as much importance to reinforcing that position as to the center forward, which is the need that now remains to be covered as a great objective in the winter market, in addition to find their destination at Costas and Sáenz. In any case, the arrival of Aarón Martín opens the possibility of another exit, either from Juncá or from Olaza, whose departure would free up an extra-community place, although in principle it is the Catalan who joins the group that Felipe Miñambres will try place. It will not be an easy task, as Juncá is still recovering from his latest shoulder injury.


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