Celta languishes as an orphan from Iago Aspas | sports

Celta languishes as an orphan from Iago Aspas | sports

In the epilogue of the last match in Balaídos, the television performance punctured the image of Iago Aspas in one of the boxes of the stadium, where he spent mourning due to injury. His elbow was on his chin, his eyes were lost and his disappointment was marked on his face. The Celta international lives football with the illusion of amateur, the responsibility of the professional and the passion of the fan who feels the colors he defends. And he knows that without him his team not only loses talent but turns his soul into tatters. Hours before that disappointment had used social networks to, in a unique way, reveal that he would soon return to the team. "Next week ready," he replied to his former teammate Pepe Reina, concerned about the community, the online game that encourages virtual sports directors. "I have the medical team with the five senses in your twin", explained to him between jocular and worried the Cordovan goal.

The week passed and Aspas was not ready. He tried to be, trained and as soon as forced he felt pain. An ultrasound last Friday revealed that the fibrillar rupture that occurred on December 22 at the Camp Nou is not healed. He missed his team's game this Sunday in Valladolid and there is no precise date for his return. It is not known if Pepe Reina has dispensed with the striker in his virtual world, but in the real it seems likely that next Saturday's game against Sevilla will also have to see Aspas from the stands.

Sometimes it seems that in the Celtic almost everything starts and ends in his best footballer. Valladolid was a new dent in that feeling of dependence, the fourth consecutive defeat since the striker was injured. The team has been unable to win the last eleven games they played without Iago Aspas on the field, nine of them lost and tied the other two, one of them in a derby against a Deportivo that came to Vigo descended. Since the summer of 2015 his striker returned from a hiatus of two seasons in Liverpool and Sevilla, Celta played 17 games without him. He won three, drew two and lost twelve. The last victory was in April 2017 in the fief of Granada, who also came to that appointment after losing the category.

"We must face the absence of Iago naturally. We have quality options to supply it, "coach Miguel Cardoso said after the Barcelona game, which also did not expect much movement in the winter market. Then his balance at the head of the team was two wins, one draw and two losses. The team, after an unsatisfactory experience with the Argentine Antonio Mohamed, who did not fit in the dressing room, had climbed to ninth place. I had 21 points. The same as today, after four more defeats and after allowing three comebacks in the last three days. This Sunday, after the last disappointment, Cardoso was on the ropes. The club contemplated various alternatives to supply it, but President Carlos Mouriño opted to give it a little more life. Hours later he announced that reinforcements will arrive to the staff although he avoided ratifying the coach as he had done with Mohamed shortly before dismissing him. "Soccer is very changing. I can not commit, "he slipped.

Cardoso, whose work is well valued by the core of the booth, will lose his job if he chains the sixth consecutive defeat, with Aspas de baja and, according to Mouriño, with several clueless players: "Five of them have offers to go out now and we have the fear that they pay the clauses of three of them before the end of the month. " Maxi Gómez wants West Ham and Newcastle tries to convince Brais Méndez. Lobotka is highly valued by several Italian teams. Cabral, a center who lost his place in the eleven, manages options to change airs. And Hjulsager, another substitute, also has suitors. "It's not a justification. Something we have done wrong in the planning of the season, "assumes the president of Celta. Your priority is to acquire a reinforcement that can occupy several positions in the attack. "But it's a very complicated market," he laments. Sure, Iago Aspas there is only one.

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