May 30, 2020

celebrities looking for an "army" to save the weather

With an apocalyptic name to convince of the urgency of the challenge, more than sixty big names in politics and the show launched this Sunday "World War Zero", a coalition destined to form a citizen "army" that demand action in the face of the climate crisis.

The initiative, led by former US Secretary of State John Kerry, brings together figures such as actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emma Watson, Shay Mitchell and Ashton Kutcher; Sting singer or former US presidents Bill Clinton (1993-2001) and Jimmy Carter (1977-1981).

"This is not just about our president (Donald Trump). There are large projects of many groups, particularly young activists, but no country is doing the work that is needed," Kerry said today in an interview with the NBC network. News to announce the coalition.

"We are very late. Things are getting worse, not improving," said the head of Foreign Affairs during the second term of Barack Obama, when the Paris Agreement on the climate from which Trump has ordered the withdrawal of the US was signed. .

The group launches a day before the Climate Summit starts in Madrid (COP25), which will bring together representatives from all over the world with the aim of accelerating the fight against the climate crisis.

With an initial budget of $ 500,000, the Kerry-led coalition will organize citizen meetings across the US. as of January, both in key states in the 2020 elections and in economically depressed areas or military bases where the need to act in the face of the climate crisis is rarely highlighted.

"We are going to try to reach millions of people, Americans and people in other parts of the world, to mobilize an army of people who are going to demand an action on climate change that is immediate and sufficient to meet the challenge," Kerry summarized in a interview with The New York Times.

To do this, he has allied himself with Schwarzenegger, a moderate conservative who was the Republican governor of California between 2003 and 2011 and who declares himself "very proud" of the approval in that state – which alone represents the fifth world economy – of laws for a transition to clean energy.

"We have created millions of jobs since we passed those laws," Schwarzenegger told NBC News.

The protagonist of "Terminator" said that, to convince more conservatives of the cause, "we must not always talk about climate change, which does not mean so much to many", and use more other terms such as "pollution, because that poses a threat right now "and it reaches more people.

Kerry said, meanwhile, that he is not afraid to organize meetings in states like West Virginia, the heart of the coal industry in the US. and the state that voted the most for Trump in 2016, because many of its citizens "have not been given a labor alternative to the exploitation of fossil fuels.

In the coalition, which aims to convene ten million citizen meetings in 2020, there are other conservatives such as former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and former Ohio Governor John Kasich; in addition to statesmen such as former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown or former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

There are also personalities who seek to keep the youngest involved, such as rapper Jayden Smith, actress Shay Mitchell or American teenager Katie Eder, founder of a network that this year organized student strikes for the environment throughout the United States.

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