Celaá trusts that the EBAU students can give a review of 15 days in class

The Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, has assured that she maintains the confidence that the students who are going to be examined at the EBAU can be attended in person for at least 15 days to review the most relevant issues.

In statements in Onda Cero, the Minister of Education stressed the importance of "reducing the tension" of those students who are going to have to take the EBAU exam and insisted that "they will have fair conditions in their exam for university" .

"We maintain the open confidence of being able to attend students in person in the last trimester, even if they were 15 days, to do a face-to-face review of those contents that have been studied electronically or in the first two trimesters," said Celaá.

"We are confident that everyone will be able to be evaluated, with the greatest fairness and equity and taking into account their circumstances," said Celaá in relation to the EBAU, who added that "that does not mean that the test is more easy, but they will not be examined of those contents that they could not receive ".

Regarding the rest of the educational levels, the head of Education is confident of a return "at least in a phased manner" to the classrooms and has insisted that "the course will not be lost".


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