Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Celaá says that the alleged "espionage" in Catalan classrooms is a bad practice

The Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, has acknowledged that the alleged "espionage" about the use of Spanish that has occurred in some Catalan schools is a "bad practice", although in any case it has shown that children are free to speak Spanish in the patio and without constraints.

In response to the spokeswoman for Cs, Inés Arrimadas, in the control session in Congress, Celaá has ensured that this "espionage" was carried out by an entity without authorization and, therefore, lacks value and guarantees.

However, he has shown, in his opinion, that children are free to speak Spanish, since 75 percent of students do so in that language normally in the yard. "We defend that they continue to have that freedom," he said.

In relation to the alleged indoctrination – a "very serious crime", she warned -, the minister explained that the editors of textbooks informed in December 2018 that it did not exist as such and this Wednesday they have been summoned to report The current situation.

In addition, Celaá recalled that textbooks are no longer official and therefore do not have to go through the administrative authority, or the faithful.

On the other hand, Inés Arrimadas has accused the Government of allowing the "infamy" of indoctrination in schools with its "complicity".

He has related textbooks with maps in which Catalonia appears as if it were an independent country, lists of EU countries in which Catalonia appears "as one more" or texts that ensure that Catalonia has had its own king until the modern age.

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