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Pablo Iglesias, from the beardless political party Podemos, was at the Carlos III University, in November 2015, in a debate with the journalist Carlos Alsina as moderator, and at the end of it one of the students asked him to recommend a book, being that Iglesias , who has served as a university professor, recommended Ethics of Pure Reason, by Immanuel Kant, a non-existent book, which was invented on the fly so as not to acknowledge his ignorance, since he probably meant Critique of Pure Reason, or perhaps he meant to allude to the other Kantian text on ethics, Critique of practical reason. Let us now consider this speech, where Hegel is quoted: “It is so important, so powerful in our lives, in the language we use, what the words mean… we would have to reflect on what they mean when we launch them. What kind of energy do they have, which seem to us to disappear, or which are harmless, and are not, what kind of respectful response do we expect from those who throw them at their heads, and finally, almost in Hegelian terms: what happens when I say something, someone answers something, if we don't conclude something? ... I'm really worried about this ”. It is part of the conference of the vice president of the government, Carmen Calvo, at the presentation ceremony at the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid of the yearbook El español en el mundo. 2019. I remember the outrage, in August 2018, of the journalist Santiago González, when Carmen Calvo attended the speech on April 23, 2004, at the delivery of the Cervantes prize to the poet Gonzalo Rojas: “You carry the best name: Cervantes. Don Alonso must be protected, but also Sancho, Aldonza and Dulcinea, because there is no better culture than equality ”. And González was outraged: "Holy Virgin, but Aldonza Lorenzo and Dulcinea del Toboso weren't the same person?"

There are many more Calvin phrases, such as “I've been a cook before I was a friar”, funny, or “Spanish is full of Anglicanisms”, indolently confusing Anglicism with Anglicanism, or “I like to get up early so I can spend more time in the bathroom : there I read the newspaper, I listen to the radio, I listen to music and I talk on the phone with mayors in panties ”, a Baturra phrase in which it is not recognized if the panties were hers or those of the mayors, or“ we are handling money public, and public money belongs to no one ”, grandiose and Freudian, or“ El Rocío is the explosion of spring in the Mediterranean ”, for a zero in geography, when Huelva is facing the Atlantic, or“ I wish that Unesco legislate for all planets ”, also emulated by Leire Pajín with“ planetary conjunctions ”… in short, Carmen Calvo received her doctorate in Constitutional Law at the University of Córdoba. It is supported politically by a copycat president. In 2015, the year of the great entry of the indigent intellectuals into politics, the candidate of the PSOE to the Government of the Canary Islands, Patricia Hernández, asked if she knew how much the Canary Islands GDP was, tried to come out of the trance gracefully and said that to her what It was important to see that "a line that goes up, goes up, goes up ... and then goes down, goes down, goes down ..., goes back up, up, up ... until they come together."

The non-hierarchical conception of teaching is typical of the most disastrous of the concept of politics


We have to see and hear her so that we are ashamed, but in front of her, while she was saying this nonsense, were Pedro Sánchez, doctor in Economics and plagiarist, and José Miguel Pérez, doctor in Geography of the serious ones, who applauded him like if they were in front of Ortega y Gasset. Ada Colau posted on her website her notes as a Philosophy student at the University of Barcelona between 1992 and 1999, and with the subject of Political Philosophy II approved in the 2005 academic year. After thirteen years, she did not finish her studies. She was in Milan with an Erasmus grant, worked as a pollster, hostess, children's entertainer, and at the age of 33 she joined the Observatori DESC, a Catalan NGO. Félix de Azúa called her useless to be mayor, starting from the obvious, and at the same time, and all ills fell on her. Félix de Azúa Comella, philosopher and professor of Aesthetics at the Catalan university, and director of the Cervantes Institute in Paris, and later an academic at the RAE, moved to Paris in the atmosphere of May 1968. Karina Sainz Borgo, in Vozpópuli, did an interview with the academic: “An idiot was a poor person who believed in all the promises of happiness. They promised him the proletarian revolution and that we would all be happy and he believed it. They promised him revolution through drugs and he believed it. And so each and every revolution; he believed them all. Little by little, with the passage of time, the one who believed, realized that he was an idiot. To believe the collectivist promises is typical of idiots. Nothing has changed. The current idiot is still the same idiot of my time ”.

These days, the so-called Celaá Education Law, in acronym Lomloe, is discussed, where the passage of the course is facilitated without having passed one or several subjects, in addition to mixing children with disabilities with capable children, to respect equality, although that Equal equality in intellectual destitution. The non-hierarchical conception of teaching, an oxymoron, is typical of the most disastrous of the concept of politics, exercised by those who have the least creative capacity with respect to the order of social groups. Now we live in a time in which the extension of ignorance as the right of all, to be equal from below, gives votes. It is this disastrous legislation that is the origin of this omnipotent ignorance, this conspiracy of fools, goatee, zurupetos, squincles, thugs and jerks, suitable for himplar and braying, protected by the safety of a population that deserves them because they have voted or has allowed them to cheat with the votes, it does not matter.


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