March 8, 2021

Celaá does not believe that the government evades parliamentary control

The acting spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, blamed "lack of information" criticism for the absence of parliamentary control of the executive, when barely a month has passed since the constitution of the Cortes and have not even formed the commissions pending that there is a new Government.

In addition, in the press conference after the Council of Ministers, Celaá considered that the situation of the current legislature, in a non-working period in the Parliament, is not comparable with that of 2016, which led to a ruling of the Constitutional Court in which it endorses the control to the Executive although it is in functions.

On that occasion, the Board of Congress chaired by the socialist Patxi Lopez raised a conflict of powers with the Constitutional because the Government of Mariano Rajoy refused to attend the sessions of control of the House, but did so six months after the start of the XI Legislature.

Now, Celaá has stressed, the legislature has just begun, and also with a complex process with four elections, the investiture session has not yet been held, scheduled for July 22, and the Permanent Deputies of Congress and the Senate are leaving to constitute after that full investiture.

He also stressed that the Congress has already admitted to process almost 400 questions from the deputies, that the commissions have not been set up yet because they tend to adapt to the structure of the Government, and that the executive in office has had to manage a " important international agenda ".

"I do not think anyone can genuinely think we are hand in hand," said the acting minister, who has attributed the opposition's criticism to "lack of information."

The PP and Citizens have already promoted initiatives in Congress and the Senate to try to force an immediate control to the government in functions that also supports United We Can.

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