July 30, 2021

Celaá believes that Spain no longer needs a pact for education | Society

Celaá believes that Spain no longer needs a pact for education | Society

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, has considered today that Spain "no longer needs" a pact for education and has indicated that the Government works proposing proposals "to build agreements every day". "No, I do not think so," Celaá said in the government control session after the PP deputy Sandra Moneo I will ask you about that question.

"The biggest blast of the pacts in Education was made by the Wert law"the minister said after remembering that all the socialist laws on education" were supported by all political forces except for the PP. "" On the contrary, the laws made of the PP bill were only safeguarded by the popular group and they were rejected by the entire educational community and by the whole society, "criticized Celaá.

The political opposition to the Lomce led in 2013 to the parliamentary groups – with the exception of UPyD and the two deputies of UPN and Foro Asturiano – to agree in writing on the commitment to repeal the Lomce in the next legislature.

Celaá has invited the PP "to enter" in the educational reform proposal presented by the Government a week ago and on which "still" have not begun to negotiate, and has stressed that in addition to improving "in a remarkable way" the quality of Spanish education, "saves young people from legal limbo" in the who are immersed in "the most dramatic effects of the Lomce."

The reform of the Lomce that presented a week ago the Ministry and that EL PAÍS put forward, recovers many of the aspects of the Organic Law of Education (LOE), the rule that approved the PSOE in 2006, although it includes news such as the promotion of a personalized plan for repeating students, which could incorporate content and exams different from those of the rest of the group. Further, it suppresses the so-called itineraries in third and fourth of the ESO; eliminates revalidations -Which are currently suspended-; includes Ethics as a compulsory subject – under the name of Education in civic and ethical values-; delete the call social demand for access to concerted education; and does not contemplate Religion as computable to obtain the average grade of access to the University.

For her part, the PP deputy Sandra Moneo has accused the PSOE to abandon the educational pact last March and of wanting to "impose" now their educational model, "the same as 20 years ago". "They have not even saved the forms, they have released a document that represents the best tradition of the LOGSE-LOE binomial, that binomial that has taken Spain to the highest levels of failure and early educational abandonment in history."


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